Mar 3, 2014

There and Back and In Between

This past weekend I was a chaperon on a school trip to New York City. We were there to see Cinderella on Broadway but we had time before and after to wander around the city a bit. In addition to Stinkette, I was chaperoning a group of Juniors from the same school.  They were such nice kids and made my girl feel like a part of their group.

The kids wanted to go to Bryant Park so that was the first stop.  We saw a cool, semi-frozen fountain there. But it was really cold so we looked for an indoor activity. That's how we decided to check out the New York Public Library. Can you believe that I'd never been inside before? Not when I was going to school in the city. Not during any of the numerous visits to the city. Never.

It was wonderful. We looked at exhibits and enjoyed the architecture. It really is a must see.

Can you imagine studying in a room like this?

I should also mention the show we saw since it was the purpose of the trip. This was a drama department trip so, in addition to the acting and the singing, the kids were all excited by the staging and technical stuff. It was all good but the biggest wow was the on-stage costume changes.  They were so impressive. Some we could figure out but others had us scratching our heads.

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Carole said...

I'm so glad you visited NYPL! Sounds like a really fun day.