Jun 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Guilty Pleasures on TV

Today it's all about TV - 10 Guilty Pleasures on TV. I watch a bit more TV than I ought to so this shouldn't be too hard.

  1. Law and Order - all of it! I've probably seen just about every episode but I can still sit through hours of a marathon.
  2. The Amazing Race - It's not awful as reality tv goes. The scenery is good, the tasks are interesting and sometimes the people in the race don't make me want to gag.
  3. Project Runway - Fun, fun, fun.
  4. HGTV - There's a really good chance that if you come to our house and we're not watching Law & Order it's because we're watching HGTV or...
  5. Food Network - Alton, Giada, and Ina are great but I'm just as happy watching a Challenge or Bobby Flay or... you get the idea.
  6. Top Chef - Need I say more?
  7. J&K+8 - I admit I've watched but in my defense I can truly say I'm over it now.
  8. Wheel of Fortune - Maybe it's good entertainment and maybe it just makes me feel smart.
  9. Jeopardy - On a good night this makes me feel like a genious but most often I feel like a dolt.
  10. Those Real Housewives of ___ shows. - I don't see them often but when they're on it's like watching a natural disaster. Horrible but riveting.

Ok, I've copped to my guilty pleasures now let's hear about yours.

Jun 29, 2009

Irony and Charity

This weekend we finally held the end of season party for Stinkette's softball team. After days of glorious sunshine, it rained a bit the day of the party. How ironic that a season cut short by rain was celebrated on a rainy day.

Anyway, it was a great party. We ate and talked and the kids ran around and had fun. The rain didn't slow us down at all.

Movies Under the MoonOn Saturday night we attended a great local event called Movies Under the Moon. It's held in a local park where all are welcome to put down a blanket and pillows and watch a movie. On Thursday we saw Twilight again (even more giggle-worthy the second time) and Saturday we all saw the Dark Knight for the first time. Wow! What a great movie! It made me miss Heath Ledger all over again.

The event is actually a fundraiser for the hospital where Stinkette was treated for Shigella almost 2 years ago. The proceeds from much of the food sold there goes to the hospital.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor movie and we all enjoyed ourselves. While waiting for the movie to start DQ read, DH and Stink played frisbee and I cast on for a new project. And then on Sunday I cast on for another. Evil startitis!

I hope you had a good weekend.

Jun 26, 2009

My DC - Film Edition

No pretty flowers for ECF today. There's quite a bit of excitement this week on the streets around my office so here's a little slice of my DC.

How do you know that they're filming a movie? Well, for one thing there are lights like these in the park near my office that illuminate the trees.
More lights

And there are people all over the place modifying the facades of buildings and prettying things up.

Did I mention the lights? They're perched in aerial lifts all around the perimeter of the park. For filming at night perhaps?

I suppose you could ask the director. According to the sign on the door, this is his trailor.
Director's trailor

Perhaps he could tell us all about the lights. I tell you they are everywhere!
Even more lights

I hear that this flick is tentatively titled How Do You Know and stars Raul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, and Owen Wilson but I haven't seen any of them. I'd like to though. Maybe they could use a roly-poly, knitting, librarian type.

Jun 25, 2009

Good Things

Today is all about good things. I'm thrilled that there are enough of them to warrant a post.

First up is something I saw yesterday that will doubtless make lot's of people happy. If you follow this link it leads to a press release dated May 26th announcing that the National Book Festival will take place on September 26th, 2009. It reads in part:

"We are delighted that the President and Mrs. Obama are committed to bringing this inspirational event to people of all ages nationwide," said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. "The National Book Festival has become a true American institution. It is a joyous and very popular celebration of books and reading in the Washington, D.C. area."

I couldn't agree more. Since the election I heard from many friends who felt, like me, that this event was one of the few positives about the previous administration and we were anxious to see that it continue. I am so happy to hear that it will and I've marked the date on my calendar. My family and I can't wait to se the list of authors appearing this year.

Another good thing is the progress I see in my garden. Despite a late start and crazy weather it seems that things are actually growing in our garden. The 4 corn stalks have transitioned well to from indoors to out and appear to be thriving. Our zucchini and pumpkin plants are also growing and close inspection revealed a blossom on one of the zucchini plants. I'm collecting zucchini recipes in anticipation of a fabulous harvest.
Corn - 6-22-09Zucchini Blossom - 6-22-09

As if that wasn't enough,I finished the first Un-Stinky sock yesterday and immediately cast on for the mate. Even better, I'm nearly finished sewing in the picot hems on the little lacy dress and most of the ends are already woven in. Now i need to decide what to make next because naked needles cannot be tolerated.

What's making you happy today?

Jun 24, 2009

Un-Stinky Socks

I started another pair of socks a week ago. As much as I love the Malabrigo Socks, the tiny, twisted stitches really aren't great commuter knitting so I grabbed a ball of Tofutsies that had been marinating in the stash for quite a while with the intent of trying Wendy's Toe-Up Socks With a Difference pattern. I was cruising along on these socks when Stinkette noticed the sock in progress and claimed it. I was shocked because she never does that. So far she really likes them and that makes me really happy.
Stinkette's Socks 2

The yarn is a little splitty but not bad to work with. I really love the colors and how soft they are. The yarn is wool, cotton , soysilk and chitin. That last bit is supposed to be anti-bacterial which makes these perfect for Stinkette who has the nastiest foot odor in the world. Really! She is the sweetest kid but after a day of running around her feet could clear a room.

Stinkette's Socks 1

So far this sock is working perfectly. I added a little patterning that I'll discuss in another post, I've turned the heel and I'm nearing the end of the leg. Stinkette has tried them on and the fit is perfect. Yay! Now she can't wait to get them on her feet.

Jun 23, 2009

Just a Little Picot

I'm going to work today but I'd much rather stay home and do the finishing work on a certain little dress. The rest of the knitting and most of the seaming were finished over the weekend and I've moved on to the edgings.

I'm sure that I'm repeating myself but since I learned how to finish work properly I enjoy it sooooo much. It's like magic really. This pieces of this dress were sweet and working the sides and shoulders to create seams that disappeared into the fabric was so satisfying but, as they say, nothing to write home about.

Picot Love

Then last night I turned over the first edging and fastened the hem to create the picots and I was lost to any other project for the rest of the night. I admit - I was incredibly full of myself and my wicked skillz. It's so umbecoming but I just couldn't help it. Fully dressed out with picots, that armhole goes from ok to wow and the best part is that the inside of it is just as neat. It's moments like this when I realize just how far my knitting has come and I feel so proud. Now I just can't wait to get home and work more edges.

Jun 22, 2009

Random Monday

No party pictures to share this week. It was a really busy weekend full of more highs and lows than usual and the only way to address it all is a list. I'll try to keep it balanced and orderly.
  • My sister and her family are not going to be visiting us this week after all. I'm really disppointed about that but it's for a good reason. She got a job and starts sooner than expected. Yay. I hope that makes it easier for them to transition to their new, civilian life.
  • On the other hand, my brother had to make a last minute trip to our area this week so we'll get to see him. Woot!
  • DQ had her annual dance recital on Saturday and she did a great job. Not only that but the costumes weren't as hideous. Trust me - this was a huge improvement.


  • My M-I-L was here for the recital. It was an, ummm... interesting visit. She returned to Florida yesterday.
  • DH, Stinkette and I went to see Star Trek. It was a pretty good movie but as the credits rolled and I heard the old familiar voice intoning "Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise... " I found myself tearing up. My dad loved Star Trek and I know he would've loved the movie.
  • After the movie, we went to a restaurant for dinner and found a long wait. But there was no wait to eat at the high counter along the kitchen. Being total Food Network junkies, these were the perfect seats for us. We watched attentively. Those guys sure are fast and efficient.


  • Saturday we heard that a very close friend got the kind of diagnosis that no woman, or anyone, ever wants to hear. In a true sign of the times, her eldest texted the news to DQ in a post that started "Guess what?". We are so worried but we know that there is nobody stronger than this friend. Pink ribbons all around and the best healing thoughts for her and her family.

Jun 19, 2009

ECF - Odd Orange Flower Edition

Going to pick my daughter up the other day from her penultimate da of 4th grdae, I noticed these flowers in front of the school. I'd seen them before when I dropped her off but the shape of them, seen from a distance, appeared to be not yet bloomed. Seen up close they turned out to be blooming and really interesting so, disregarding the rain, I stopped to take a picture. I have no idea what they are but they sure are cool looking.

Have a great weekend!

Jun 17, 2009

My Potholders Arrived!

Look what arrived in my mail yesterday... my pothoders from the swap. I love them.

Starting with the round potholder on top, my potholders came from Annepalandet, Nova, Emily, Leila, and Bertha. It was fun to look at where they all came from . I immediately noted the one by Nova because I used one of her patterns last year to make a cowl from my handspun. It's always surprising to see what a small world it really is.

I have to say that I love all of the potholders I received. The one with the blue showing through the openings in the red side is really striking and reminds me of the ones I made and how I loved the way the colors on one side showed through on the other.
It's neat that I got two red and white ones that are so completely different. One is bold and square-ish and the other is round and patterned. The colors in the other round one are very happy and I love the raised ridges. I need to try something like that.

Potholder Swap 2009
The one with the black has so many colors in it but they all work really well together. It looks hot to me which is probably appropriate to the purpose which is funny because the only thing these potholders have in common is that I probably won't use them. They're just too pretty to use.
I really enjoyed this swap so much. A big thank you to Adrian and Maritza for organizing this. I'm still not really a crocheter but the more crochet I do, the more I like it.

Mmmmmalabrigo Socks

I took the day off today to do stuff - some planned, some not. Coincidentally, I finished the Neon socks last night so you'd think - photo shoot. Right? No, not so much because after a few days of sun it's raining yet again. Bleh!

So, instead of the finished neon socks I'm debuting the start of what I'm thinking of as the neon antidote. I showed it to you a while ago as a lovely lolipop on my nosty. Now it's on it's way to becoming a sock.

Kiila Starts

The yarn is a gorgeous, rich, brown Malabrigo Sock in a color called cordovan. Dont'cha just want to eat it? It is so soft and light and lovely. It just feels less substantial to me but I think it's probably just me.

The pattern in Kiila. Have you seen this yet? It caught my eye because it was one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry so chances are that you have. Anyway, I think it looks very classy. I haven't been moving as fast on it as I thought I would but it's still lot's of fun and I know that I'll love these socks when they're done.

Jun 16, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - actually on a Tuesday yet again!

This weeks Ten on Tuesday is '10 Things You'd Bring on a Deserted Island'.

  1. My family - I could not be without Bruce and my girls.
  2. Iced Tea - I may be jusy a little bit addicted
  3. Books - lots and lots. Mostly mysteries
  4. My iTouch - The. Best. Toy. Evah!!!
  5. My knitting - Umm all of it because I am the opposite of a project monogamist
  6. Sunscreen - or I'll burn to a crisp. I'm kinda known for my legendary burns.
  7. My camera - it would be so cruel to stick me on a presumably scenic deserted island without my camera and lenses. Just cruel.
  8. Cheese - another of my weaknesses
  9. My wheels - with a bit of fiber of course.
  10. A comfy beach chair - just being a little bit practical

Jun 15, 2009

A Party in Pictures

This weekend we attended Hubbo's company picnic down in Suthern Maryland. They sure do know how to throw a party. Then again, I suppose anyone would throw a big bash to celebrate 125 years.

We took a tour of a really cool paddle boat.
Paddle Wheel

We saw lot's of folks enjoying crabs - not us though, we stuck to the BBQ.

Hubbo did check this out a little closer. He just couldn't resist a nice cold beer.
Foamy one

Stinkette tried some of the provided entertainment.
Up Please

DQ took a dip in the Potomac and found a rocky bottom.
A Potomac Dip

Later she let her hair dry in the river breeze...
On the Water

... as we all enjoyed a ride on the Potomac in a speedboat.
Skimming the Potomac

The sun was shining and it was a great day. What did you do with your weekend?

Jun 12, 2009

ECF - Heavenly Bamboo Edition

My yard may be lush and green after all the rain but, as I found out yesterday, it's not very colorful right now. This is the closest thing I have to a flower in my yard right now. It's my Nandina (AKA Heavenly Bamboo). It'll do for now but I'm suddenly hearing the local nursery calling my name loudly. Buy pretty flowers. Buy veggies. Buy, buy, buy!

Nandina in June
Have a happy and DRY weekend!

Jun 11, 2009

The Garden

Green PepperMy garden is suffering this year. From procrastination. Laziness. Good intentions. Too much rain.

Every year I buy seeds but until this year I never did anything with them. I put off planting them until it seems hopeless and finally give in and head to the local nursery to buy plants instead.

Not this year! I did procrastinate but then my stubborn streak came out and I decreed that we would plant our seeds no matter what. So far the experiment seems to be working out although I fear that we're a bit behind the curve.

TomatoNearly 2 weeks ago we finally planted the seedlings outside. They look so pitiful and spindly and sad. The ones that seem the most encouraging are the green peppers that are curently living in planter boxes on the deck. We did well with green peppers in the past and had plenty to add to sauces and salads and everything. The picture above is nearly 2 weeks old and they look a bit more healthy now.

We tried 2 varieties of tomatoes this year in an effort to build on last summer's success. One is Roma and the other is ... umm... something else. It doesn't really matter because the survival of any of them seems questionable. I have a funny feeling that we'll be heading to the nursery to augment these seedlings with healthier plants. I'm totally ok with that.

CornCorn is one of the new additions to our garden this summer. We planted 4 stalks and so far they're all still standing. I remember planting corn in my garden as a kid but I have no idea if it was successful. It would be very cool to pick corn from my yard this summer.

PumpkinUndeterred by the lack of success last year, we planted zucchini again. I'm sure last year was just a fluke. After the baseball bats we harvested the first year I cannot understand why we had so few zukes last summer. Last of bee activity perhaps? I'm thinking positive thoughts anyway and dreaming of a robust harvest.

This last picture is of another newcomer to our garden - pumpkins! I think it would be fabulous if we were successful with these. DQ loves to make pumpkin bread and homegrown jack-o-lanterns would be amazing.

We've got strawberries and basil and mint this year. I actually found most of what I hoped to plant but not peanuts. I'm really bummed about that but I haven't quite given up yet. Maybe I can find peanut plants over the internet.

Now that I finally got my seedlings started AND planted I need one more thing for some degree of garden success. SUN!!! My garden is well watered but my plants are begging for warm sunny days.

Jun 10, 2009

Stinkin' Badges

Thanks for all the support yesterday. I appreciate it more than you know.

I should have pictures of a nearly completed, lacey, little dress to show you today but it's not quite there yet. Neither is the second Neon sock which should be finished by now. They're both inching along and I suspect they'll cross the finish line some time next week. The delay is partially due to general busyness and partially due to these... Stinkin' Badges.

Stinkin' Badges

I have a love/hate relationship with Girl Scout badges. I think they're lovely - colorful, pretty, and representative of such good things. But I hate to sew and I especially hate to sew GS badges on my daughter's vests. It is tedious and takes up valuable knitting time.

Logic would suggest that I have my daughters sew their own badges, or iron them on, or staple them. Anything but sitting and sewing them one by one. That's where the inevitable crazy comes in because, although my girls have offered to do it themselves, I insist on sewing the badges on. It feels like something I ought to do and I want them attached just so and when they are I love how it looks. Control freak - Me? Couldn't be.

So the badges in the picture above belong to DQ. Her troop was apparently very busy this year. Stinkette gets hers on Sunday... another nice big pile for another busy troop. I'll be sewing for quite a while because the leader's kid really ought to have her badges sewn on promptly. Right?

Just don't ask about the stacks of Brownie and Junior badges from the past few years that never got sewn on. I wasn't the leader then. I'll get to them some day. Maybe.

Jun 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday -10 Favorite Things to do During "Me" Time

Last night I had to do something I had avoided so far. I turned on comment moderation. Someone has chosen to spend their free time making anonymous personal attacks in the comments.

I've thought long and hard about how to address this - or not. The bottom line is that this blog was started as an outlet for me to express myself and to connect and it's given me a lot of joy and comfort. I refuse to give this up and I shouldn't have to.

I have always maintained a certain level of respect in the comments I leave on other blogs and I feel I have a right to expect the same in return. There are people out there with opinions I don't agree with, knitters with bad taste, and people who irritate me. It's my right not to read those blogs and I often exercise that right by clicking away. It is not my right to harass these people for saying things I disagree with. If a blog bothers you so much, feel free not to read it.

This situation is a bit annoying but it' mostly sad to think that there is someone out there with nothing better to do than stalk my little blog. On the positive side, it makes me appreciate my friends who leave positive comments just that much more.


So, since I don't use my free time to harass bloggers anonymously you may wonder what I do with my free time. Well, this week's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite Things to do During "Me" time.
  1. Read - right now it's Life Sentences by Laura Lippman. Excellent so far.
  2. Knit - all the time.
  3. Garden - pulling weeds can be so satisfying
  4. Bake - I love to bake but I try not to do it too often for obvious reasons
  5. Get a mani/pedi - sooo relaxing.
  6. Spin - once I get started it's hard to stop
  7. Watch TV - HGTV and Food Network are my weakness and I'm a sucker for a Law & Order marathon
  8. Play with my camera - I especially love to troll my garden with my macro lens. Such fun!
  9. Get crafty - painting, candlemaking, sculpting - it doesn't matter. I love to create.
  10. Relax with my girls - we can just sit and talk and hang out for hours. This may be my favorite thing of all.

Jun 8, 2009

Summer Is Here If I'm Upside Down

We all have different things that signify the start of summer for us. Pool openings. Bar-b-ques. Pretty flowers. Wearing shorts. For me it's the fair. When the fair comes to town with it's sights and sounds and smells it is most certainly a sign that summer has arrived.


This year got off to a surprisingly good start when I volunteered to work at the fair on Friday night. It was raining and chilly but the time flew by because, just by chance, my partner working the credit card ticket line was another knitter. Not just any knitter - a knitter with a storage unit. This is the kind of knitter I remind my husband of when he thinks my stash may be getting out of control.

We talked about knitters we know in common, local yarn stores, fiber festivals etc and before we knew it our shift was over. It was great.


The next day it was sunny and warm when I took the girls to the fair. We got there nice and early so they got to ride plenty before the lines got big. Stinkette even ventured out of her comfort zone and tried a few rides that were more adventurous.

Her favorite ride remains the swings though. She rode them over and over and late that evening, as DH and I sat watching her ride them high above our heads yet again, one of the carnival workers came over to us and commented on how much our girl loved the ride. It was her 12th time on them that day!


There was plenty to see and do at the fair. We watched the fireworks and shows. We ate plenty of fair food and generally enjoyed ourselves.


How was your weekend? Did you see signs of summer?

Jun 5, 2009

ECF - Flora and Fauna Edition

Sometimes arriving at Friday is such a relief. After a week of blown tires, cancelled softball games, nasty, rainy weather and general insanity there is very little that could dampen my spirits today. Not even the continuing rain or the slug that snuck into this shot. Nothing!

Flora and Fauna
I hope that wherever you are, your weekend is sunny like this lily and full of fun stuff.

Jun 4, 2009

The Tale of the Dress

This may scare you but the colors in yesterday's post were dead on. They are exactly that bright.

DSC_0320Today I've got another story of knitty angst. I suppose we all go through periods like this and you just suck it up, work through it, and hope that the next project is a happier one. Or you send it to the frog pond. Thankfully this story is heading for a happy ending.

There are lots of small people in my life these days and I just love knitting for small people. Small people - small clothes. Yay!

Unfortunately, I've had a really hard time finding patterns that reflect what I have in my head. I want to knit a few little girl dresses but scouring the internet and my books haven't revealed anything just right. Everything seems too fussy, or it has buttons, or sleeves, or it's in the wrong weight of yarn. Overall I've found that their really isn't a huge selection of patterns for cute jumpers. Sweaters - yes, but not jumpers.

I finally found Summer Breeze by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner in one of those little Vogue Knitting On The Go books. It wasn't perfect either - the all over lace was a bit much for me - but overall it worked for me so I chose yarn (KP Shine Sport in Green Apple and River) and a size and got to work.

I started taking notes because I chose to use a second color on the hem and edges and incorporate a garter row for a smoother transition between colors. I kept taking copious notes because the numbers they give for the 3 year old size are all kinds of wonky. If you try to follow then then nothing lines up and it's just off. I suspect that the other 2 sizes are probably written fine. Sadly I'm not knitting one of them.

Bluebells & ShellsAfter lots of frogging and frustration I've finally finished the back of the dress and I'm very happy with it. The yarn is super-soft and I adore the colors together. I'm pleased with the stockinette skirt and feel like it makes the lacy bits pop more. I'm hoping that knitting the front of this dress will go faster because I won't have to do quite as much figuring. I'n case anyone else wants to try this dress, I'm putting all my mods on the Rav entry.

Of course, now that I've totally committed myself to Summer Breeze and I've struggled through half of the pattern, the new Knitters appeared in my mailbox. And look what it has inside! This is called Bluebells & Shells and it has to be one of the cutest little girl dresses. I will totally be making one of these. It is just about exactly what I was loooking for - a simple jumper that will look great by itself or over a top for multi-seasonal use. No buttons to irritate me and enough cute design to make it interesting.

For those of you who don't get Knitter's or haven't seen the new issue yet, there are a few nice things in it this time around. So many magazines are hit or miss these days so I love getting bloggy tips on good stuff. These are Party In Pink on the left and Glazed Carrot on the right. I'm not sure about orange but both of these look very practical and usable.

Party in PinkGlazed Carrot

Jun 3, 2009

Definitely Neon

I finished the first of the Neon socks earlier this week. They're every bit as loud as I thought they' be so I quickly cast on for the second sock before I could think of a reason not to. If I procrastinate at all this pair of socks will become a lost cause. I just keep reminding myself that I bought this yarn. It wasn't forced on me. If nothing else I'll remember this in the future when I'm buying yarn and not make the same mistake again. I hope.

Stiil Neon

There are other reasons I don't love this yarn that have nothing to do with the obvious color issue. It's pooling like nobody's business. I think it's because of the short runs of color. That's another thing to watch for in the future.

My final gripe with this yarn has to do with the fiber itself. I've never had issues with superwash yarn before but for the first time I understand the complaints that some people have. This just isn't as soft as other yarns I've worked with. It feels just a bit plastic-y. No a happy thing.

MmmmmThen again, this lovely lollipop of yarn hasn't done anything to alleviate my displeasure with the neon yarn. I wound it up on my new nostepinne the other day and found it the perfect antidote to the neon. The color is deep and rich and the yarn is wicked soft. Care to take a guess what it is. Mmmmmm....

The only thing that these two yarns have in common is that they're both being used for great patterns. The Mad Weave is a wonderful design full of nifty detail. It's well written and a pleasure to work. This luscious lollipop is being used to make Kiila and so far I like this pattern very much too.

Jun 2, 2009


Last night was softball again (we tied) and as I drove home with DQ after the game I felt so good. As we got on the highway the sun was setting gorgeously and it just seemed like all was right with the world.

Then we hit a nasty patch on the Beltway. Or it seemed like it until I looked in the mirror out the drivers side window and saw the smoke coming from the rear. Oooops! One of my tires blew. Totally kaput! Shredded! And DQ and I were on the interstate!

So we pulled over to the side of the road and called AAA. Wouldn't you know it - my policy expired that day! Thankfully, the woman sent help for us anyway - maybe because I've had the policy for 20 years and never used it except for maps.

As DQ and I sat and waited for help while watching cars zip by dangerously close to the car we actually had a giggle or two. I used a teachable moment to explain (and demonstrate) the importance of staying calm and we both laughed at the fact that the one time flashing lights would be welcome behind us - none were to be found.

We made it home safely and I renewed my policy right away. Today after work I'll replace the tire. Best of all, the experience only enhanced the post-game glow.

Jun 1, 2009

The Carboard Boat Regatta

It was another very full weekend although, sadly it didn't include a softball game. I'd really love it if the rain would hold off for a bit so that we can get in the rest of the games for this season. Just one more week. K? Thanks!

Anyway, the high point of the weekend was certainly the cardboard boat regatta. A few years ago DQ participated and hubbo went with her. This time it was Stinkette and I got to take her. What a treat!

Here are some of the boats getting lined up on the beach. The SS Walrus was an award winner and it floated pretty well. The Rockin Lobster next to it also had a few good runs.


Some of the boats were very creative and detailed like this one, the Indianapolis. Some were very creative but not very buoyant like the one that one the Titanic award. It was called the Sailing Sofa and it looked exactly as you would imagine. No pictures because it sank immediately upon leaving the beach.


And look! Here, making it's way to the starting line is Snake Eyes in light green. This is the boat that Stinkette's group built.


There's Stinkette paddling away with her friends. I wish I could report that they won their heat but they had some directional issues. At least they stayed afloat which is saying a lot. You can see the boat next to them wasn't as lucky.


It was so much fun watching the races. Boats that looked fabulous lost their way and the flimsiest looking designs did better than expected. Most importantly everyone had a blast. I can't wait until next year.