Jul 27, 2012

ECF - New Iris Edition

Here's one of the many pictures that I took but never got around to posting during the first part of this year.  It's one of several new irises that I planted last fall. Sadly, not many of them actually bloomed because construction mess smashed most of them before they got to that point. 

2012 Iris

It just means that I have something to look forward to for next year.

Jul 13, 2012

ECF - Besties Edition

This view, or a version of this view has been mine all week long - and I have loved every moment of it.


The red pony tail clearly belongs to Stinkerbelle. The girl walking with her is her best friend since infancy. Really! These two have been best friends since before they could speak. They met in daycare and now they are middle schoolers. How rare is that?

This week they attended camp together and I had the pleasure of escorting them to and from camp each day. Last night I also took them out for dinner and a movie.

The long walk to and from camp in the hot, sticky, weather and the added expense of parking and gas and daily snacks has been well worth it because it allowed me to spend time with them. What I saw was two girls who truly "get" each other. They're like sisters without the fighting and all I can hope for is that it's always this way because a friend like that is all too rare.

Jul 2, 2012

Half a Year Gone

Half of 2012 is behind us and, with it, went a period of my life that was so full I just couldn't keep up.  Aside from the usual crazy of a full time job and 3 very active children, I had a Bat Mitzvah to prepare for and a major home renovation to manage.  And we stayed in the house through most of it.  I grossly underestimated how difficult that would be. It was all highly bloggable and I do have pictures of a lot of it so maybe I'll share a bit over the next few weeks. But not today.

Today I just want to say that all is well and share a few pictures of our birthday girl.  Miss M turned one on Friday and celebrated with a new dress and by sharing peach yogurt with her friends at daycare.

Birthday girl!
 Birthday Girl

Last night, we finally had the opportunity to sit down and share a few cupcakes with her.  She really enjoyed hers. 

I've got a cupcake!
 First Cupcake
I love cupcakes!
 First Cupcake Joy!