Feb 27, 2011

Quick weekend

Time really does fly.


This weekend started with my family attending what is probably our only hockey game of the season... and wishing desperately that it would end fast. Great seats - lousy game. What can I say?

Happily the rest of the weekend was much better. Manicures with my favorite teen. Attending Thinking Day with my favorite red-head's GS troop. All very awesome things.

Feb 24, 2011


We returned from the funeral in NY over the weekend and I immediately noticed that, although there is still snow on the ground here and there, my lilacs have buds. How about that! I planted 2 lilac bushes in front of our house a number of years ago because they were a favorite of my Mother-in-law and now they're here to welcome us home and remind us that Spring really is coming.


Anyway, I've taken a little extra time to return to the blog and most other things. The last month would take a lot out of anyone but when you're old and very pregnant it's even more challenging. It's really good to be getting back to things again though. After living with uncertainty and dread for so long it feels like a fog has lifted. We're all still getting ourselves together and it'll be a long road but we're getting there.

Last night the girls and I shared a really good laugh. The kind where your eyes tear and you turn red in the face. It was such a stupid thing and Bruce stood there looking at us like we were nuts but it was awesome. Like the lilacs it was a sign that things are headed in the right direction and good things are ahead.

I thank you all for the good thoughts. It feels so good to know that people are thinking of you.

Feb 14, 2011

Barbara Miller - 2.14.2011

Today my mother-in-law lost her long battle with cancer.


I prefer to remember her like this, in happier times.

Feb 11, 2011

ECF - Big and Pink Edition


I saw this in the courtyard of the hotel that we stayed at and I couldn't resist.

Feb 10, 2011

Beachy Interlude

As I mentioned yesterday, we managed to have a ittle fun in the sun in Florida. On Monday we went to see Bruce's aunt... at her beachside apartment. We talked about all that is going on and enjoyed the beach a little.

I thought I'd share the beach part with you starting with the view from the apartment.


Of course we got a bit closer too. Look at those waves! DQ really wanted to jump in.


Sadly we didn't get to go in and frolic in the waves because there were creatures hiding in there.


Portuguese Man O' War!

Portuguese Man O' War

Not good swimming buddies but very cool to look at.

Feb 9, 2011

Balancing Acts

We're home again after a hastily planned trip to Florida. I wish I could say that it was an impromptu vacation but it wasn't. We went to squeeze in just a little more time with my M-I-L. She talked to each of my girls and my husband privately and they said what needed to be said. Mostly we sat around talking about better times and looking at old pictures.

It was a really hard trip and it could have been overwhelmingly sad if not for serendipity in the form of other relatives who were in town at the same time. I am so thankful for them.


We saw my Aunt and Uncle from Canada who winter in Florida. They're always fun and we don't get to see them nearly enough. Bruce's step-mother was in town visiting her friends and we enjoyed breakfast with her on her birthday. We also saw Bruce's sister and step-brother who were in town for the same reason we were.


Balancing the sadness with better times is what get's you through so it helps when a trip like this takes you away from the bitter cold to weather where it's warm enough to swim. Spending a while in an airport is good too. The people watching is fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the wome who looked like she was wearing a big, puffy, croissant on her head... until she turned out to have the seat right in front of Stinkette who stifled giggles through the whole ride.

Best of all was DQ's ride home. She wound up seated between an elderly woman who thought my girl was lovely because she helped her open her snack and a guy who looked like a football player. He was in his mid to late 20's and chatted with DQ all the way home about life and how he was an event planner and could get her into parties the next time she was in Florida. I'm guessing he never imagined that his seatmate was 15! Thankfully my girl has a good head on her shoulders and told him that she doen't have access to FB.

Feb 3, 2011


It's been a really challenging week. I'm still trying really hard to avoid stress but it's finding me anyway. Sometimes it's unavoidable.


There is no knitting at all to report. How sad is it when you can't even get a silly little hat done? Ugh!

It's kind of a weird time because things are changing rapidly. Situations are resolving themselves, and not all for the better. Still, resolution of any sort can be a relief.

I really can't wait for Spring to come. It'll be so nice to see the first buds on the trees and know that the ice is behind us.

Feb 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things on my Nightstand

Ugh! If you could only see my nightstand. It is so covered with stuff.

  1. My alarm clock - which was making weird noises this morning. It's a shame because it's really cute and egg shaped and I'd hate to have to get a new one.
  2. Tums - Always
  3. Random Receipts - somehow when I pull them out of my pockets this is where they collect.
  4. A glass of water - everyone in my house except for Bruce has one.
  5. The Handmade Ceramic Dish one of my daughters made for me
  6. Various rings, earrings etc - in #5
  7. My hairspray - It's just more convenient to have it there than in the bathroom
  8. My headbands - again, it's a matter of convenience
  9. My brush - can't use #7 & #8 without it.
  10. My autographed copy of Bridge to Terrabithia by Katherine Paterson