Feb 24, 2011


We returned from the funeral in NY over the weekend and I immediately noticed that, although there is still snow on the ground here and there, my lilacs have buds. How about that! I planted 2 lilac bushes in front of our house a number of years ago because they were a favorite of my Mother-in-law and now they're here to welcome us home and remind us that Spring really is coming.


Anyway, I've taken a little extra time to return to the blog and most other things. The last month would take a lot out of anyone but when you're old and very pregnant it's even more challenging. It's really good to be getting back to things again though. After living with uncertainty and dread for so long it feels like a fog has lifted. We're all still getting ourselves together and it'll be a long road but we're getting there.

Last night the girls and I shared a really good laugh. The kind where your eyes tear and you turn red in the face. It was such a stupid thing and Bruce stood there looking at us like we were nuts but it was awesome. Like the lilacs it was a sign that things are headed in the right direction and good things are ahead.

I thank you all for the good thoughts. It feels so good to know that people are thinking of you.

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Dale said...

Welcome back! Sometimes laughter like that is just what you need.