Jul 2, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Burger Toppings

Last week Stinkerbelle was at camp at a museum here in the city. It was so much fun to commute to and from the city with her each day. Even better to see her enjoying herself and being a little more independent. But the best thing was that on Friday night we had a date. After work and camp we went for burgers and a movie. I hesitate to recommend the movie because This Is the End is one of the raunchiest movies that I’ve seen in a long time. I laughed really hard but be warned – it’s the kind of movie that an R rating was made for.

On the other hand, the burgers were pretty good. We went to Bobby’s Burger Palace and Stinky had a crunchified cheeseburger while I had the Napa Valley burger. We are big fans of the Sporkful podcast and recently listened to the episode on burgers so we sat and critiqued our burgers on the amounts and placement of the cheese, the burger to bun ratio, and how well the burgers were cooked. Boy did we enjoy ourselves. We really do like our burgers. Sadly I have no burger pictures so just imaging a nice, juicy burger cooking over this flame.


Here is a list of toppings that my girls and I enjoy on burgers.

1. Mozzarella and pizza sauce – OMG! As a kid we went to a certain restaurant that made the best pizza burgers ever. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
2. Swiss – If I’m getting a cheeseburger it’ll probably have Swiss cheese on it. I’ve never loved American cheese.
3. Onions – I prefer them caramelized but a nice ring of red onion is good too.
4. French fries – Stink likes fries on her burgers but I really don’t get it.
5. Potato Chips – the crunchified burger. Apparently Stink really enjoyed this but, again, I’m not sold.
6. Lettuce – I like the freshness and the crunch and, besides, it makes it feel more healthy.
7. Goat Cheese – Oooooh yessss! The burger I had the other night had a nice, generous scoop on there and it was so good.
8. Sweet Gherkins – I slice them in half and place the slivers side by side. Crunch!
9. Ketchup – Just because.
10. Bacon – This would be another nod to Stinkette.

Jul 1, 2013

Miss M is 2!

This past weekend we celebrated the birthday of Miss M who is officially not a baby anymore.

Remember this?

Marissa Berrie Rose

And this?

Miss M as party girl

Well that baby has become this two year old “Big girl”.


She is happy and busy and curious and she rocks our world.


This is the face of the fabulous little girl who made our family complete.


I love her so much.