Feb 29, 2008

My DC - Week 8

Good thing I took a lot of pictures during a lunchtime walk a few weeks ago. It's been painy, cold and windy lately. Not good weather for picture taking excursions.

This is just a random buildings I saw while I was walking down I Street. Yet another example of what you find when you look up. I'm not sure if this is carved or painted on and that's what makes it fun.
I saw this one while sitting and eating my lunch and I just loved the whimsy of it.
Still home with my poor sick kid. I am definiteky keeping score now.

Feb 28, 2008

D is for...

Daria! You know her better as Stinkerbelle. People have asked why I call her Stinkerbelle and you may be surprised to find out that the reason I refer to her by that nickname is because it's what I call her in real life too.
Stink's boy cut
As a baby I called her Stinky poo as a term of endearment and it just evolved from there. Today I call her Stink-o, Stinkette, Stinky, Monster or sometimes, just plain Stink. Clearly it's not because she's ever been anything but wonderful. Look at what a happy little kid she was.
D laughing in the driveway
Actually, most of her current attributes can be traced way back. You can see that she's always loved super heroes...
D as Spidey
and watching a game with her dad and I...
D at Game
and swimming.
D in Pool
Daria is independent, strong, empathetic, loving and unique. We think that she's perfect that way.

Unfortunately, today she's also sick so I'm home with her. You can chalk this up in the tally of ways that the Golfing Guy (GG - or is that Unemployed Golfing Guy, UGG?) owes me. Not that I'm keeping score or anything.

Feb 27, 2008

Dragonfly Yarn

These next few days will be interesting. Hubbo is leaving on his annual golf trip this afternoon so I'll be single parenting. I'm referring to this 2 week period as the lifestyles of the lame and unemployed. By coincidence, he was invited to 2 sporting events (basketball & hockey) last week by friends with season tickets and this week is the golf trip. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

I'm not really as resentful as I probably sound. I actually encouraged him not to bow out of the trip. I look at it like this. Some time soon, hubbo will find a new job and he'll be busy trying to make a good impression on his new employers and have much less vacation time to play with than I will. There will be many wonderful, fibery events this fall and when I give him the list of stuff I'd like to attend he'll cheerfully tell me to go have fun. See - it all works out in the end.

Speaking of stuff working out. How do you like this? This is the Bonkers top that I spun last week. It's 4 oz of superwash merino in a color they call Dragonfly. It turned out to be about 299 yds after I spun it all up. Plenty of yardage for a pair of socks for Stinkerbelle.

Dragonfly Yarn

I thought that it was more even before I gave it a good soak and hung it to dry. I still think that it's more even than earlier efforts and it's finer too. In any case, it's not bad considering that it's been quite a while since Charlotte and I have spent quality time together. I enjoyed this spinning very much although, after all of the BFL, this merino just isn't as pleasing to spin. Next I'll finish spinning the BFL from my color family project. I can't wait.

Feb 26, 2008

Nearly A Ram

Does this look like a middle schooler to you?

L at MV

Last night was orientation for the parents of incoming middle schoolers and it was such and education for me. The school my daughter will attend is enormous. It has a population of nearly 4000! Granted, it goes from 7-12 but that is huge by any standards. My high school graduating class was only about 300+.

The size wasn't the only surprise. The elective offerings have evolved too. They don't have Industrial Arts or shop as we called it - they have Tech and the students make CO2 cars that they test in wind tunnels and learn how to design tools with computers. The band competes each year in Busch Gardens and elsewhere. They even have a class for kids who love to read where that's pretty much all they do - read what they like. It's for kids who "don't have enough time in their day to read for pleasure." They made middle school sound like so much fun which is saying a lot considering that I hated school.

* The Rams are the school mascot.

Feb 24, 2008

Dragon Sightings

I fell asleep on the Oscars last night. I'm not sure if that says more about me or the show. I like Jon Stewart and I actually found parts of the show amusing but I just couldn't stay up. I think that these shows are just way too long.

I got a lot of fiber play in this past weekend. I finished spinning and plying the Dragonfly fiber which I'll show you just as soon as it's dry. I also worked on my last Sock Madness test sock this weekend. The last one. Yahoo! I can't wait to be done so that I can go back and turn those singles into pairs. Speaking of pairs - look at these.

Dragon Socks

I finally finished my dragon socks last week and this weekend I took them out for a spin.
Dragon ToeI took pictures inside too. I tend to be a detail girl. The broad strokes of a project are nice but I get a little thrill out of the way that the toe of thos sock ends just right. See how that last scale ends perfectly at the tip of the toe with no stitches left at loose ends. To me, that is the sign of a well planned pattern.

The heel is similarly perfect but, try as I might, I couldn't get good pictures of the heels. Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture of your own heel? You'll just have to take my word for it. They are just the way heels ought to be with scales that continue down the heel and end at just the right place.

People often comment on handknit socks and wonder why we make them. Why put so much effore into something that will certainly wear out? I think that patterns like this are exactly the reason. Hand knit socks are different from commercial sock because of the potential. Certainly we have more choice and input in the colors but that's not quite it. I think that it's the control that we have over every single stitch. There are so many opportunities for us to put our individual stamp on a sock. We can manipulate a stitch here and there - even on the heel, an often overlooked spot - and elevate that sock to a unique work of art where nothing is left to chance and everything is intentional. We can demonstrate a consideration for the whole canvas of a sock that machine made socks just won't.

Dragons Heel to Heel

As I wandered outside in my new socks in search of a great shot I spied these sweet yellow flowers in my yard. Proof that spring is just around the corner! Hooray!

Dragons in the rough

BudsI was inspired to see if there was any other evidence if spring around and look what I found - buds on the trees! Now that the huge, leafy, nightmare of a tree has been removed from my yard I can happily look forward to leafiness elsewhere without dreading the raking that will follow in the fall. Bring on the leaves!

Have you seen signs of spring?

Feb 21, 2008

My DC - Week 7

I just love this building. In a city full of cold grey stone buildings, the warm brick on this one really stands out.


It's not just the brick that turns me on. Look at how the golden dome shines! Look the copper trim with it's soft green patina. It's kind of weird but I even get a kick out of the green stain on the concrete surrounding the building that the copper trim causes.


The thing about this building is that it's got a lot to offer on the inside too. Check out the rotunda. The rest of the ceiling is pretty neat too.

At this point you may get the feeling that this is a very old building and you'd be right. It dates to 1888. It was built as the National Safe Deposit, Savings & Trust Co. Bank and, although the name has changed, it's still a bank. They just don't make them like that anymore.



Did you see it?

Lunar Eclipse

DQ and I were a few minutes late but we did get to see the eclipse and it was very cool. Cold too - because the weather here has changed drastically since Monday when we dined al fresco in our shirtsleeves. Yesterday it snowed here. It wasn't a lot but still, we went from seventy to snow in 2 days. Crazy weather!

I was spinning again and I'm gratified that my second bobbin is much more even than the first. Yay! I was also working on socks but not the Dragon socks because they are finished. I just need to get good pictures to post.

Since I finished a pair of socks, I started another. It's actually a reworking of one of the patterns submitted for Sock Madness 2. I worked one sock as written and it was just off. The numbers worked out just fine but it was a little snug around the ankle and when it was on my foot it looked off. If it was way off it might have been better for me because as is - it's become a little bit of an obsession trying to get it to work. Ugh! The weird thing is that suddenly, as I ponder remedies for this sock, I've got patterns swirling in my head for socks I'd love to create. All of the what ifs and wouldn't it be cools are driving me nuts because I haven't a clue how to get them on paper.

Feb 19, 2008

Spinning Again

Bonkers Dragonfly From a Spinning Room in yesterday's post to actual spinning today. Shocking eh?

I bought this Bonkers top at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year. The color is called Dragonfly and what you see in these pictures isn't even close. It's really a much brighter aqua with some eggplant and a few greenish tones here and there. I couldn't get better pictures because someone borrowed the SD card for my new baby so I had to use my little Canon. Oh how spoiled I've become since I started playing with my new toy.

Charlotte has sat, dormant, for ages it seems despite that fact that I signed up for NaSpiMoMo. When Margene talked about NaSpiMoMo Redux I decided that I couldn't let another month go by without spinning. Last weekend I finally did a stash dive and came up with this fiber that I bought with the intention of making socks for Stinkerbelle. These are totally her colors so I'll spin it this month and knit it up for her next month.

Dragonfly Spun I'm pretty rusty but each time I sit down with Charlotte it gets a little better. Part of the difficulty is that I'm trying to use a modified long draw which I learned in my class in December. It's working well but I've broken the fiber quite a few times. DQ was sitting in the room with me reading a book and after the first few times the fiber broke, she stopped looking up when she heard me cursing. It's not too bad though and I think it's fairly even. So far so good.

Speaking of DQ - the book that she was engrossed in last night was Pride and Prejudice. Last weekend we watched the first 2 parts of the Masterpiece production and my girl was hooked. She went from "What's so great about Mr. Darcy?" to "Mr. Darcy is so hot!". The scene where he comes out of the lake nearly made her swoon. Anyway, she was so frustrated when she realized that this was being shown in 3 parts that she ran off to find my copy of P & P and began reading it immediately. She just has to know what happens and she is determined to read the whole book before we watch the conclusion on Sunday night.

Feb 18, 2008

Washington's Birthday at Mount Vernon

I admit that usually,holidays like Presidents Day just mean another day to do errands, watch a movie or vegetate at home. Today was the exception. A while ago, someone told me that Washington's Birthday is a really good day to go to Mount Vernon because admission is free and they have special events. Why not?
Waiting for the gates to open
As you can see above, there were a lot of people who had the very same thought. This was just a small part of the line waiting to get in when we got there before they even opened.
Mount Vernon
Here is the great house itself. I took this picture standing on the bowling green. You can see the podium flanked by 2 flags at the end. A bit later in the day, there were reinactments on the green and the dignitaries (including Washington!) sat there to watch.
The forecast for the day was rain. We almost didn't go because of that but I'm so glad that I ignored my misgivings because the day was gorgeous. It did rain- but not until we were in the car heading home at about 2. This picture of the cupola on top of Mount Vernon shows the blue sky and puffy clouds.
The porch at Mount Vernon
Here's another perfect place to appreciate the day. This is the back porch of Mount Vernon. I can totally see why Washington called this place his paradise. Can't you feel the serenity?
Potomac from Mount Vernon
Don't you wish that you had such sweeping views of the Potomac from your back yard? You can just barely see a few heads at the bottom left of this picture but, in reality, the lawn behind Mount Vernon was filled with people. Children were running around and everywhere you looked people were taking in the views. Not only was the day mostly sunny - it was warm as well. We walked the grounds jacketless and even ate lunch al fresco.
Commander In Chief Guard
We finished our tour of the mansion just as the demonstrations were taking place. We found a great spot to observe. There were a bunch of other photographers there including one who used to cover this event for the Army. He was retired now and just taking pictures for his own pleasure (with a kick-butt Nikon) but he gave me a few pointers on what to shoot and where. It was so helpful and I had a great time.
Spinning Room
Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without fibery stuff so here's the Spinning Room. Heh! This is still a knitting blog after all.

Feb 17, 2008

Yet More Slippers

It must seem like all I do is make slippers. I finished these about a week ago but I was waiting to post them until after they were received by my niece. She got them on Thursday.


Don't you love the contrast between the slippers which I made with KP Wool of the Andes in Grass and the actual grass which looks more like straw. Not really - I'd much rather have a lawn that retained some hint of green. It's kind of hard to find anything new to say about the third pair of slippers I've made from the pattern, Family Classic Felt Slippers. I can note that the cuffs were made holding one strand of Grass and one Strand of Asparagus together. I just love the effect that was created.

These were for my niece, Sam. She's a big fan of green like me. This completes my seeming obsession with slippers until next fall when all of these slippers are outgrown. For now I'm firmly in sock land with the occasional sweater thrown in.

Speaking of socks, the sign ups for Sock Madness started on Friday and they've been fairly brisk. That's all well and good but the thing that makes me smile is the discussion I've seen on Ravelry and comments elsewhere. People are saying that they're signing up this year because of the good things tha they heard about last year. That is such a good thing.

Feb 15, 2008

ECF - Fondue Edition

Yesterday was Valentines's Day and I celebrated it with my family by preparing a special dessert. I really wanted to share it with you so I'm pre-empting My DC this Friday to offer a little Eye Candy instead. I hope to have something fabulous for My DC next week.


We enjoyed a wonderful pot of fondue with strawberries, pound cake, apples, and grapes. It was delicious! What is your favorite fundue accompaniment?

Feb 14, 2008

Mojo and Progress

DSC_0367Check out this picture that I took of our birdhouse yesterday morning. By the time I got home at night all the ice was gone but it was still super cold. I was just so happy to have an unexciting and brisk ride home.

DSC_0381This is the sock that I started during that loooooooong ride home on Tuesday. I would've been even further along but I didn't have the first sock from this pair with me and I couldn't remember if I'd done 2 or 3 repeats on the leg. It was 3 so I got back to work on it yesterday and now I'm near the heel. Just to recap since it's been a while since I finished the first sock in this pair, the patter is Here There Be Dragons by Theresa Walunas. I really like this pattern a lot and I find it very intuitive. It's got a bit going on but it follows a logical progression so I can pick it up and put it down without getting lost. I can also work on it even when there is stuff going on around me.

It's weird to have so many projects in progress and making steady progress because through much of last year I felt as if my knitty mojo was waning. I was buying yarn and spinning and knitting a bit but I wasn't really feeling it as deeply. You know what I mean? Maybe it was all of the other stuff going on. Maybe I needed a break. I don't know but whatever the case I am back to my old obsessive ways and stuff is just flying off my needles this way and that. Whatever the reason - it's a really good feeling.

DSC_0378Just because it's Valentines Day and I feel like the blog needs something color-appropriate, here's a progress shot of the baby sweater that's currently on the needles. I am really enjoying the yarn - Cotlin from KP. It's soft and the color is very deep and rich. This will go to a baby in California so I think that the cotton and linen blend should be very usable.

I like this pattern, the Peapod Baby Set, and I find it very easy to follow but, with all of the Sock Madness prep going on it's been hard to find the time to work on this. I finished another test sock last night while wearing one of the ones that's already complete. This year I'm really looking forward to casting on the mates to the test socks I've knit. It's not that they're better than last year necessarily but I'm getting more into it somehow. I'm also doing more test knitting this year - 4 patterns so far and one on the needles. I really hope that the players like them as much as my family does. They've been admiring the finished socks and coveting them. I'll need to keep them locked up or they might disappear

Feb 13, 2008

C Continues

It is such a good thing that I had already comitted myself to posting part two of my "C" post today because otherwise I'd probably be ranting and raving about the ice storm that stretched a 20 minute bus ride into over three and a half hours last night. It's likely that I would complain about the people sitting behind me on the bus who chewed their gum like cows all the way home. I might even lament the 20 minutes spent out in the rain trying to remove the thick sheet of ice from my car. I'm sure that I would tell you that I left my office at 4:30 as usual and arrived home after 9:30.

Thank goodness that I have much better things to share with you today!

It is such a happy coincidence that the dates for posting "C" in the ABC-along coincide perfectly with Stinkerbelle's turn to display her collection at our local library.

They have 2 display cases in the front lobby and kids can sign up to display a collection of whatever they want in them. Stinky has been waiting since early last year for her turn. She was thrilled when she finally got the call. Here you see 2 of her collections. She has a bunch of D*sney Adventures magazines and her shot glasses. The library wasn't sure about the shot glasses but we convinced them to allow it since they are just souvenirs representing places that we've gone. There is a shiny one right in front of the sign that she got in Hollywood when we went to see Grauman's Chinese Theater and the walk of fame during our California trip in December 2004. That was the start of the collection and since then she's added about 23 more including some from New York City, Key West, Canada, and Baltimore. She get's one from every place she goes.

Not to be outdone, DQ submitted her collection for inclusion in my C post.

These ceramics were all made by her. I should've taken a few individual pictures to highlight my favorites but I didn't. In the front is one of her more recent efforts - a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. There are also grapes and a rabbit representing the start of her Chinese Zodiac series. My favorites are a small, blue dish behind the grapes and the big, blue flower on the right in front of the rabbit. Those are mine and they sit on my night table holding my earrings, watch and other jewelry.

Wasn't that better than hearing about the lousy commute? I think so - although I did get a lot of knitting done.

Feb 11, 2008

C is for...

Camera, confession, class, collection...

I'm sure that as this year goes on and we get to more challenging letters (x anyone?), I'll look back fondly on the first part of the alphabet and all of the possibilities that it presents. I knew over a month ago what my C would be but there were just so many ideas and then I got input from the peanut gallery so this is C in 2 parts. Today is my C and tomorrow is the C that my daughters contributed.

C is for cameras. This one belongs to hubbo. It brought back happy memories for him when I took it out to to take a picture of it the other day. He says that he bought it when he was very young and paid for it in singles - many, many singles saved up over time. Do you remember what it was like to save up all your pennies, nickels and dimes to buy that thing that you just had to have? I do.
This camera is the second one that hubbo and I bought for family use and our first digital. It's an Olympus D-580 and it served us well. We took pictures of many of my daughters birthdays, their first days of school, dance recitals and all of the special famil moments that make a life what it is.
It still works just fine. There was no need to buy another camera but... I did.
This is my cute little Canon Powershot SD600 Digital Elf. It is always in my pocket or the bag that I'm carrying and that's the whole point of it. It's petite.
Blogs need pictures or brilliant writing. The only person who every really loved my writing was my dad so that leaves the pictures. The Olympus is big so most often, when I saw something photo-worthy, the camera was at home. That wasn't working for me so in November of 2006 I bought my cute little Cannon and things were good.
It still works and I use it regularly. There was no reason at all to buy another camera. None at all. this is where the confession comes in.
Meet my new baby. Nikon D40x baby! X is for x-tra fabulous!
I bought this in December after spending months obsessively discussing all of the reasons that I should not be buying a ridiculously expensive toy that I didn't need. But I wanted it very much. I looked at all of the beautiful pictures in Blogland and I yearned to make great art rather than just pointing and shooting. I took pictures with my little camera and critiqued them mercilously. I noted the fuzziness, the lack of clarity, and all of the other imperfections. I scanned the weekly ads and looked at cameras in the stores.
In December hubbo finally saw an ad one day for a good deal on a D40 and told me that I should just go get it. Somehow I fell for the D40x instead and I brought it (and a few lenses) home instead. Now I'm taking classes and experimenting with all of the settings. I hope that the improvement in my photography starts to show at some point.
Knittin' 015
I wasn't ready to admit to buying the camera for quite a while because it felt a little indulgent. Now I feel even guiltier about it but I love it dearly and I'm thankful to have something new to take my mind off of things a little bit. By the way, i should point out that all of these pictures were taken using the light box set up that hubbo got me for hanukkah along with a small tripod. In my book, C is certainly for Camera.

Feb 10, 2008

Bring on the cold

Flashy MittsPink MittsIn 2006 I made 2 pairs of mittens using the Elegant Eskimo Felted Mittens (pdf) pattern and I donated them to Dulaan but I coveted them something fierce. Yes, they were bright and maybe a tad but tacky but I just loved the furry cuffs and the whole mitten thing. I felt sure that with the right choice of materials, they could be more funky and less tacky.

Now, at long last, I have a pair of my very own and they are fabulous.

Troll Mitts

Don't you love the fluffiness of the cuffs?

The fur is Liberty by KFI and I have no idea where I got it although I suspect it was a sale at AC Moore or on Elann. That's how I got most of the novelty stuff in my stash. The brown yarn is KP Wool of the Andes in chocolate. I started these mittens in January and ran out of yarn so I had to wait for one more ball to arrive. When it did it was the wrong dye lot but, as it turns out, it matches perfectly. I dare yo to find the spot where one ended and the other began. I have no idea where it is anymore.


They even look great in the bright light.

The pattern may be called elegant Eskimo but, to me, these are Troll Mitts. I wore them the other day for the first time and I kept shaking my wrists to fluff up the cuffs. It's just like those little dolls where you would smooth out the hair and then shake them to make it wild again.

The pattern is a good one and it works very well but I think that it woould make me even happier if the wrists tapered a bit more from the thumb. I also think that the thumb is a little too shallow as written. I added a bit but I could've added even more.

I love these mittens very, very much. I'm not sure that the people behind me at the stop light the other night would appreciate them. I was so busy shaking them to fluff up the cuffs and just reveling in the funkiness that it took me a minute or 2 to notice that the light had turned green. Oooops! I think I can be forgiven though because the weather here hasn't provided too many opportunities for mitten wearing. Today it's not going to get above freezing so I'll wear my mittens with pride.

Feb 8, 2008

My DC - Week 6

If there was a subtitle this week's installment of My DC, it would probably be something like Look Up. These are all examples of stuff you'd miss if you walked along staring straight ahead.


Aren't they unusual? I just love the decorations on this building so much that I took a second picture so that you could get a better look at them. They look somewhat fern-like to me.


Over to the left, on the same building (or one directly next to it) is this. See how the soldier is perched just above the top branches of the tree. Imagine it all full of leaves and you can see how people could pass it every day, especially in the warmer months, and never know it was there.


I hope that you enjoyed this week's installment of My DC as much as I enjoyed sharing it. If you want to see more DC or - other places that bloggers have chosen to share - here is a quick list.

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As you can see, DC is well represented. Do you have somewhere that you'd love to share?

I thank you all for your support this week. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Feb 7, 2008

Steak for Dinner

Thanks for the nice things that you all said. I really do appreciate it. I was speaking with someone and they commented that I don't sound upset. I am but I refuse to let bad luck overwhelm all of the good stuff. There is always good stuff.

Knittin' 016

Last night we had a celebratory dinner. We celebrate most things at a certain steak house (starts with the letter O) around the corner from our house. It was report card day. As a kid, I dreaded report card day. I was not exactly an over-achiever. I was more of a slacker and my grades generally reflected that lack of effort. Last night There were only 2 things I could pick at on DQ's report card because it was full of A's - her Phys Ed grade was one. I ribbed her a little about it because we both know how she hates that class. The other thing I teased her about was really weird. She got a G for effort in reading. That child is never, ever without a book. I am constantly forcing her to put her books down. She reads just about everything and is constantly doing back to make notes and reread potions. A G in reading - I think not. Just bizarre.

Stinkerbelle did well too. She continues to make progress and I couldn't be prouder of all the hard work she's done.

I took the picture above on my way to work this morning with my little camera but I'm kicking myself for leaving my big camera at home. It's a sunny day but the sky has big, dark, random, clouds that lend a special drama. It would've been so much fun to go out during lunch and take pictures. Oh well.

I was inspired by Carole and sat down last night to start entering my stash in Ravelry. Oh, what a task. I barely made a dent. I started with sock yarn and I found stuff in there that I totally forgot I had. So much fun!

Feb 6, 2008


It's supposed to be about 70 degrees here today so what did I do last night? I felted mittens. Mittens with big, fluffy, furry, cuffs. I can't wait for them to dry so that I can share them with you.

I knit a lot yesterday. It's the way I deal with stress and I've got a bit of it since my husband lost his job yesterday. He was one of 11 people who were laid off. The company has actually shrunk by half over the past few years but, while the writing was on the wall, my husband had not expected to be laid off since part of his job involved reconfiguring the offices so that the company could sublet the recently vacated space.

I'm a bit nervous and stressed because of the uncertainty of it all but I'm not terribly upset since I never cared for that company. I choose to believe that whatever he finds will be a huge improvement. Not finding a new job isn't an option I care to consider. I am an optimist.

We'll need to cut back a bit but our family still has a respectable income (mine) so we are still not so badly off. I definitely appreciate that it could be much worse. Thankfully, I have a stash of unreasonable proportions so I can knit on in comfort for quite a while.

Feb 3, 2008

Second Ball Theory

Stink, Hannah & LinkFriday afternoon, Stinky arrived at home to find 2 packages. One was from me and one was from a very good friend of mine. Both packages had the same thing inside. Cute penguins to replace the one Stinky lost at the Auto Show. Obviously she is thrilled but the weird thing is that they're not quite identical. In the picture, the one on the left has rosy cheeks and the one on the right doesn't. She's decided that the rosy cheeks are the sign of femininity and named that one Hannah while penguin 2 is Link. Not sure where that came from.

She keeps wanting to take them both with her places but I've been reminding her that if these disappear then there will be no more penguins. None! A gentle reminder like that is usually enough to make her run back to her room to tuck one of them in bed.

DSC_0205Saturday was dedicated to the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of some close friends. It was wonderful because they elected to have a big party in a bowling alley rather than a formal dinner thing. It was so nice not to have to dress up.

Hubbo is usually an ok bowler. He's certainly not as pitiful as I am. Saturday night he decided that this was the best method. I'm not sure why but it could have something to do with freely flowing beer or certain people who were rumored to be spiking the punch. I have no idea. I just chalked it up to male weirdness and left it at that.

I suck at bowling. I admit this freely. I think that it was my complete lack of anything resembling bowling ability that prompted a friend of mine to spend about an hour of the party trying to correct my method. I never broke 100 but I think that progress was made. I managed not to release the ball into the observation area for a change and most of my second balls were pretty successful. I'm not sure what (if anything) that means but there it is.

I leave you with one last thing from Saturday night...


proof that payback really is a bitch. This is what happens when you turn in your bowling shoes early. I told you that I'd post it!

Feb 1, 2008

My DC - Week 5

These pictures are really fresh. I took them yesterday during my lunch break. It's a good thing too, since today is an incredibly grey and rainy day.

Also on Vermont

I decided to pick one street and concentrate on it. This is Vermont Avenue. Some of the pictures show stuff that I see all of the time.
On Vermont

I found that when you really focus, you find things that you may not have noticed before. This little montage demonstrates that with a series of pictures from the same building. I had always assumed that the little faces were all the same but, as you see from the 3 examples below, they're not the same at all.
Building on Vermont

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!