Feb 13, 2008

C Continues

It is such a good thing that I had already comitted myself to posting part two of my "C" post today because otherwise I'd probably be ranting and raving about the ice storm that stretched a 20 minute bus ride into over three and a half hours last night. It's likely that I would complain about the people sitting behind me on the bus who chewed their gum like cows all the way home. I might even lament the 20 minutes spent out in the rain trying to remove the thick sheet of ice from my car. I'm sure that I would tell you that I left my office at 4:30 as usual and arrived home after 9:30.

Thank goodness that I have much better things to share with you today!

It is such a happy coincidence that the dates for posting "C" in the ABC-along coincide perfectly with Stinkerbelle's turn to display her collection at our local library.

They have 2 display cases in the front lobby and kids can sign up to display a collection of whatever they want in them. Stinky has been waiting since early last year for her turn. She was thrilled when she finally got the call. Here you see 2 of her collections. She has a bunch of D*sney Adventures magazines and her shot glasses. The library wasn't sure about the shot glasses but we convinced them to allow it since they are just souvenirs representing places that we've gone. There is a shiny one right in front of the sign that she got in Hollywood when we went to see Grauman's Chinese Theater and the walk of fame during our California trip in December 2004. That was the start of the collection and since then she's added about 23 more including some from New York City, Key West, Canada, and Baltimore. She get's one from every place she goes.

Not to be outdone, DQ submitted her collection for inclusion in my C post.

These ceramics were all made by her. I should've taken a few individual pictures to highlight my favorites but I didn't. In the front is one of her more recent efforts - a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. There are also grapes and a rabbit representing the start of her Chinese Zodiac series. My favorites are a small, blue dish behind the grapes and the big, blue flower on the right in front of the rabbit. Those are mine and they sit on my night table holding my earrings, watch and other jewelry.

Wasn't that better than hearing about the lousy commute? I think so - although I did get a lot of knitting done.


Cursing Mama said...

I dunno - c is for commute.
5 hours is absolutely crazy; I would've quit & found a place to sleep.

Love the collections!

Anonymous said...

Does Daria know that she has to go into the library once each week and dust the collections contained in the curio cabinet? LOL

Carol said...

~snort~ I can see it now, entering the kid's shot glass collection in the school display case! I'm totally laughing here! Our kids are roughly the same age, so I can really appreciate this. Almost like physical blogging! I also love the ceramics by DQ, they're lovely~I have a few treasured pieces myself. A 5 hour commute sounds great if you're arriving home to clean house and a hot meal. Knitting time is great, but 5 hours? Yikes!

Carole Knits said...

Your girls have great collections. I'm sorry about the commute - thank goodness you had your knitting with you!