Feb 7, 2008

Steak for Dinner

Thanks for the nice things that you all said. I really do appreciate it. I was speaking with someone and they commented that I don't sound upset. I am but I refuse to let bad luck overwhelm all of the good stuff. There is always good stuff.

Knittin' 016

Last night we had a celebratory dinner. We celebrate most things at a certain steak house (starts with the letter O) around the corner from our house. It was report card day. As a kid, I dreaded report card day. I was not exactly an over-achiever. I was more of a slacker and my grades generally reflected that lack of effort. Last night There were only 2 things I could pick at on DQ's report card because it was full of A's - her Phys Ed grade was one. I ribbed her a little about it because we both know how she hates that class. The other thing I teased her about was really weird. She got a G for effort in reading. That child is never, ever without a book. I am constantly forcing her to put her books down. She reads just about everything and is constantly doing back to make notes and reread potions. A G in reading - I think not. Just bizarre.

Stinkerbelle did well too. She continues to make progress and I couldn't be prouder of all the hard work she's done.

I took the picture above on my way to work this morning with my little camera but I'm kicking myself for leaving my big camera at home. It's a sunny day but the sky has big, dark, random, clouds that lend a special drama. It would've been so much fun to go out during lunch and take pictures. Oh well.

I was inspired by Carole and sat down last night to start entering my stash in Ravelry. Oh, what a task. I barely made a dent. I started with sock yarn and I found stuff in there that I totally forgot I had. So much fun!


Margene said...

It's always good to count your blessing during stressful times. Going to dinner with your family was the perfect thing to do.

Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful photo. And I'm proud of you for going out to dinner to celebrate. The night we found out about Dale's lay off we had lobster. Just to say "screw you" to the system.

Carol said...

Very cool sky photo! Steak~drool~
I'm logging stash into Ravelry also, what a task, no? It's certainly nice not to have to worry about the kids, sounds like they're doing an awesome job and perhaps the reading teacher needs to re-grade?

Anonymous said...

I'd grade the reading teacher NLI for Needs Lots of Improvement Just what IS her criteria for the top grade? I'd call and ask.

Mazel Tov to Daria!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo!

I need to finish getting my stash entered into Ravelry too; it's just such a daunting task.