Feb 19, 2008

Spinning Again

Bonkers Dragonfly From a Spinning Room in yesterday's post to actual spinning today. Shocking eh?

I bought this Bonkers top at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year. The color is called Dragonfly and what you see in these pictures isn't even close. It's really a much brighter aqua with some eggplant and a few greenish tones here and there. I couldn't get better pictures because someone borrowed the SD card for my new baby so I had to use my little Canon. Oh how spoiled I've become since I started playing with my new toy.

Charlotte has sat, dormant, for ages it seems despite that fact that I signed up for NaSpiMoMo. When Margene talked about NaSpiMoMo Redux I decided that I couldn't let another month go by without spinning. Last weekend I finally did a stash dive and came up with this fiber that I bought with the intention of making socks for Stinkerbelle. These are totally her colors so I'll spin it this month and knit it up for her next month.

Dragonfly Spun I'm pretty rusty but each time I sit down with Charlotte it gets a little better. Part of the difficulty is that I'm trying to use a modified long draw which I learned in my class in December. It's working well but I've broken the fiber quite a few times. DQ was sitting in the room with me reading a book and after the first few times the fiber broke, she stopped looking up when she heard me cursing. It's not too bad though and I think it's fairly even. So far so good.

Speaking of DQ - the book that she was engrossed in last night was Pride and Prejudice. Last weekend we watched the first 2 parts of the Masterpiece production and my girl was hooked. She went from "What's so great about Mr. Darcy?" to "Mr. Darcy is so hot!". The scene where he comes out of the lake nearly made her swoon. Anyway, she was so frustrated when she realized that this was being shown in 3 parts that she ran off to find my copy of P & P and began reading it immediately. She just has to know what happens and she is determined to read the whole book before we watch the conclusion on Sunday night.


Carole Knits said...

I love that colorway!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spinning!

Margene said...

That is so cool about DQ. My sister was the same way. I didn't read JA until I was an adult. I'm hooked, too. Your spinning is beautiful. I hope to get more time this weekend to work on something a little less junky (and finer) than what's on the wheel now.

Carol said...

Oh what gorgeous yarn! Seems DQ is ahem, starting...Yay for her wanting to know and immediately getting the resources to do it!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Beautiful! That colorway has such depth to it!