Feb 28, 2008

D is for...

Daria! You know her better as Stinkerbelle. People have asked why I call her Stinkerbelle and you may be surprised to find out that the reason I refer to her by that nickname is because it's what I call her in real life too.
Stink's boy cut
As a baby I called her Stinky poo as a term of endearment and it just evolved from there. Today I call her Stink-o, Stinkette, Stinky, Monster or sometimes, just plain Stink. Clearly it's not because she's ever been anything but wonderful. Look at what a happy little kid she was.
D laughing in the driveway
Actually, most of her current attributes can be traced way back. You can see that she's always loved super heroes...
D as Spidey
and watching a game with her dad and I...
D at Game
and swimming.
D in Pool
Daria is independent, strong, empathetic, loving and unique. We think that she's perfect that way.

Unfortunately, today she's also sick so I'm home with her. You can chalk this up in the tally of ways that the Golfing Guy (GG - or is that Unemployed Golfing Guy, UGG?) owes me. Not that I'm keeping score or anything.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

D is also for darling! :-)

I'm all for keeping score, especially when it is in your favor ;-)

Anonymous said...

She's such a cute Stinker!

I'm also all for keeping score :-)

Carole Knits said...

You should definitely be keeping score. I hope she's better soon.

Carol said...

Poor Miss Daria. I sure this passes quickly. She's adorable with a capital A! You can also count me unemployed too. Yucky week!