Feb 11, 2008

C is for...

Camera, confession, class, collection...

I'm sure that as this year goes on and we get to more challenging letters (x anyone?), I'll look back fondly on the first part of the alphabet and all of the possibilities that it presents. I knew over a month ago what my C would be but there were just so many ideas and then I got input from the peanut gallery so this is C in 2 parts. Today is my C and tomorrow is the C that my daughters contributed.

C is for cameras. This one belongs to hubbo. It brought back happy memories for him when I took it out to to take a picture of it the other day. He says that he bought it when he was very young and paid for it in singles - many, many singles saved up over time. Do you remember what it was like to save up all your pennies, nickels and dimes to buy that thing that you just had to have? I do.
This camera is the second one that hubbo and I bought for family use and our first digital. It's an Olympus D-580 and it served us well. We took pictures of many of my daughters birthdays, their first days of school, dance recitals and all of the special famil moments that make a life what it is.
It still works just fine. There was no need to buy another camera but... I did.
This is my cute little Canon Powershot SD600 Digital Elf. It is always in my pocket or the bag that I'm carrying and that's the whole point of it. It's petite.
Blogs need pictures or brilliant writing. The only person who every really loved my writing was my dad so that leaves the pictures. The Olympus is big so most often, when I saw something photo-worthy, the camera was at home. That wasn't working for me so in November of 2006 I bought my cute little Cannon and things were good.
It still works and I use it regularly. There was no reason at all to buy another camera. None at all. this is where the confession comes in.
Meet my new baby. Nikon D40x baby! X is for x-tra fabulous!
I bought this in December after spending months obsessively discussing all of the reasons that I should not be buying a ridiculously expensive toy that I didn't need. But I wanted it very much. I looked at all of the beautiful pictures in Blogland and I yearned to make great art rather than just pointing and shooting. I took pictures with my little camera and critiqued them mercilously. I noted the fuzziness, the lack of clarity, and all of the other imperfections. I scanned the weekly ads and looked at cameras in the stores.
In December hubbo finally saw an ad one day for a good deal on a D40 and told me that I should just go get it. Somehow I fell for the D40x instead and I brought it (and a few lenses) home instead. Now I'm taking classes and experimenting with all of the settings. I hope that the improvement in my photography starts to show at some point.
Knittin' 015
I wasn't ready to admit to buying the camera for quite a while because it felt a little indulgent. Now I feel even guiltier about it but I love it dearly and I'm thankful to have something new to take my mind off of things a little bit. By the way, i should point out that all of these pictures were taken using the light box set up that hubbo got me for hanukkah along with a small tripod. In my book, C is certainly for Camera.


Carole Knits said...

Well, I already knew this. And my story is quite similar. But you already know that! Heh.

Jess said...

You are a fool, Hill! So many cameras...eBay is calling.

Carol said...

You could have bought so much yarn instead! I love your writing!

Cursing Mama said...

Thats a pretty fancy camera! lucky you

Anonymous said...

I say be happy that you got it when you did! It's nice to have some frivolous things to help keep our sanity :-)

micah_gideon said...

dad isn't the only one who likes your writing.