Jan 19, 2012

Traveling Girls

Isn’t it funny how you have the most to share when you have the least time to share it? Last weekend I took Stinkerbelle’s Girl Scout Troop on an overnight trip and we had a great time. Unfortunately since we got home I’ve been sick from exhaustion and now Miss M is sick too. But a trip as fun as this one needs to be shared so here it is. Our Lancaster trip in pictures.

We started at the Turkey Hill Experience which was new to all of us. We really didn’t know what to expect but I can sum it up in three words – Endless Free Samples! Really.

They had lots of great information there and I think that we all learned a lot. Some things were interactive like the exhibit above where the seals dispensed different scents on a slip of paper so that you could experiment with them together. Then again, there were free samples. Here is Stink eating one while learning about tea. They had samples of that too.

After that we headed to the Amish House and Farm where we checked out the farm in the bitter cold and met some very friendly goats.

We also took a really interesting tour of a real Amish home and I found out that I knew far less about the Amish than I thought and that most of what I did know was wrong. Good tour guides make such a big difference and we really lucked out on this trip.

Did you know that they use dozens of straight pins to keep these outfits together when they wear them. Straight pins! Ouch!


And this was just day one - part of it anyway. We finished the day at a hotel with an indoor pool with water slides. did I mention the unlimited free samples of ice cream and iced tea? These girls had energy to spare.

More tomorrow.

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Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Maybe you can tell us more about what you learned about the Amish.