Apr 9, 2012

Passover 2012

It's Passover again and it's even more challenging this year. In addition to the usual issues we're dealing with construction. Any day our kitchen will become part of the construction zone so we're concurrently packing the contents of the kitchen and using it for meal prep. Changing my dishes was out of the question. It was just one more level of crazy that I didn't need this year. It makes or an odd holiday observance. Marissa & matzoh While there is a lot about this Passover that is different, one thing remains the same. The Seder. And this year it was Marissa's first time at one. I'm not sure she liked the matzoh but she definitely embraced the experience.


Carole Knits said...

That is the cutest picture of her! I love it!

Laurie said...

Love the matzoh face! I think she would have tossed it if she didn't like it. There is indecision there.