Aug 16, 2012

No Gold

The thing about returning to some semblance of normal after huge change and upheaval is that there is a tendency to get overly excited and misinterpret progress as a sign that you can just jump back into things where you left off.  In reality, this isn't possible because things have CHANGED.  This really can't be stated strongly enough.  The change may be good.  It may be fabulous.  But change has consequences.  Stuff just doesn't fit together quite the same way.  This applies to everything.

When I signed up for the Ravellenic Games this year I had every expectation that I'd achieve gold as I had in the past.  I chose a WIP or two to enter in the WIP Wrestling event - choices strongly influenced by the fact that most of my stash is still in storage.  See, I'm somewhat realistic.  I still failed.
pointelle 1
Project one (the only one I actually touched) was Pointelle by Cookie A in some absolutely fabulous yarn.  I love the pattern and the yarn equally and returning to it was joy.  What it wasn't was fast.  One would have to be delusional to expect it to be.  And so I was, because in the old days I could knit on my way to and from work with ease and I could knit in the evenings without disruption.  Neither of these things are true any longer.  I dare you to try to do anything uninterrupted with a one-year-old around.

So the only gold this year is the gorgeous color of my, still unfinished, socks.  I did finish the first one and start the second one.  I hope to finish them in the coming weeks.  They'd be the first pair I finished in over a year.  That may not be medal-worthy but it'll keep my feet warm and sometimes that's good enough.


Carole Knits said...

At least you're knitting again! And those are amazing and gorgeous!

Laurie said...

You have a good perspective on it, at least intellectually. I understand, SO UNDERSTAND, the emotional disconnect on that one. It is a beautiful sock, and very ambitious even if the one year old didn't help.