May 28, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Did This Weekend

It's been such a nice long weekend. I did not hang curtains or tackle any of the other projects around the house.  Here is what I did do.


  1. Softball - Lots.  Spring and summer in our house means softball weekends.  Don't ask how our team did.  It wasn't pretty.
  2. Shopped - when its too windy and cold to enjoy the softball... smart girls go shopping.  Especially when they have a child whose summer plans are more business than casual.
  3. Had a good laugh. Miss M loves to dance to the music and sometimes she gets a little too excited and nearly falls over. I dare you to keep a straight face when that happens.
  4. Went to a fair - after hearing about Viva Vienna from friends for years we decided to go.  Fun!
  5. Tried a fried Oreo - I would never buy them because I can feel the pounds land on my hips and my arteries clog just thinking of them but I ate half of one and it was just as ridiculous as you'd think.  Which is to say obscenely yummy but sooo sweet.
  6. Watched a movie - we rented Seven Psychos on demand and it was weird but enjoyable.
  7. Went to sleep early - funny how this seems like such a good thing when we get older.  Would've been better paired with a nap.
  8. Got my car serviced - ouch!  It was an expensive one.  At least this time when the light went on I had a coupon. Small yay.
  9. Washed a wee bit of laundry - not much but I gotta keep up or I'm sunk.
  10. Enjoyed some really nice family time.


Donna said...

I did some shopping too. I forgot about that one! It sounds like you enjoyed the weekend and that's what's important!

Carole Julius said...

Sounds like a good mix of responsible stuff and fun stuff, too. I'd love to see Miss M dance!

Teri said...

Weird thing, ever since my cancer diagnosis, I can't bring myself to go to sleep early or take naps willingly...Trying to cling to every moment, I guess. I wonder if anyone else is like that?

Rebecca said...

lots of different kinds of activities going on for you - all sound like just lovely every day kinds of things. all in all i guess we're all the same :)