Jun 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week

I just had one amazingly exhausting but wonderful weekend.  What better time for a list like this?

I am thankful for...

1. Stinkerbelle's crazy sense of style - Friday night was the 8th grade dance and although I offered to get her something shiny and new she opted for a simple cotton sundress... and matching Converse hightops.

2. That my crazy girl has friends to join her funky plan. It always makes me feel so happy to watch my girls with their friends.  Their laughter is infectious.


3. Getting Stinkette's grade from her Civics SOL.  She rocked it!

4.  Finding the time to read a little.  I've been on a tear lately and some of the books have been really good.

5. Getting to see Third Eye Blind at the Fair with DQ!  They were a last minute replacement for the B52's who cancelled Thursday due to illness.  You've got to love a band that flies across country at the drop of a hat to fill in and does a kick-ass show. DQ is great company too.
Third Eye Blind

6. Getting to take Miss M to the Fair for the first time.  It was so much fun to see her seeing new things (like the dragon she's petting in this picture) and getting to jump in a moonbounce for the first time.


7. The  big win by Stinkette's softball team on Sunday.  I was sad that I missed it but so happy to hear about it.  The girls have been playing so hard with very little reward. A win is a very good thing.

8. DQ's big hit!  It turns out that she was a huge part of wh the team won.  My girl got a triple with bases loaded. She gave that ball a ride!

9. Finally finding the time to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store.  Sometimes it's the little things.

10. The cast and crew (that includes DQ) of Robinson's production of Hairspray that won 8 awards Sunday night.  Including Best Musical! Way to go!


Carole Julius said...

A list of truly awesome things, Hillary! Love the photo of Daria and her friends.

Kim said...

Your daughter not only has a great sense of style, it's practical, too! I bet she and her friends were the only ones whose feet didn't hurt by the end of the night. :)

Rebecca said...

oh what a special week you've had full of everyday pleasures and triumphs and family

Debra said...

Hi! I am searching for a kippah pattern to make for myself before my son's Bar Mitzvah (next February). I love the ones you posted last March. Did you make up the pattern or purchase it? I would love to know where/how I can also purchase it so that I can make it too. Thanks for helping me with this!

Debra said...

Hi! I love the kippa you posted a photo of last March. I want to make myself one for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Did you purchase the pattern or design it yourself? I would like to purchase a copy for myself and would appreciate any guidance you can give me.