Mar 6, 2014

Quick Post for a Quick Hat

"What are you looking at?"

"My hat? Oh, it's just something my mom made for me.  No big deal. I lost my old hat so she made a new one."

"I just asked for a hat and she showed me a few patterns. I chose Slouchy('s no Slouch) by Lea Kobayashi.  My mom tends to get a little crazy with cables and all that stuff but I just want something to keep my head warm."

"My mom made it super fast because she had the yarn sitting in her stash. She's not even sure what it was. But the bead is new and I think it's cool. It's not as good as the skull bead that she was going to use but it's nice anyway."

1 comment:

Carole Julius said...

Great hat and I love the bead. You're a good mom.