Feb 9, 2012

The better than expected progress of the kippot has had a broader effect on my current finery activities. It means that I can allow myself to work on other things as well. I'd like to be knitting sweaters for my sweet Marissa but I'm trying to be responsible and won't allow myself to knit for her until I get caught up with my gift knitting. The first on my list is this sweater for my cousins baby... who is almost 1!

The problem is that I severely underestimated the effect that pregnancy would have on me. It sapped not only my energy but my focus as well. I started this sweater last spring but before long I was frogging it and casting on in a larger size because I knew it would be a while before it was finished.

The long delay also inspired my handling of an error I made. You can probably see it in the picture. I screwed up the offset on the texture pattern for quite a few rows on the first piece I knit. That was the back and it was big so I chose not to fix it. Instead I employed the strategy I was taught for blue booking (citation), consistency trumps perfection. In other words, if you repeat an error throughout then it becomes a design feature. So I repeated the error on the two front pieces and now I think it's fine.

Since I took these pictures last weekend I've finished the second front piece and one sleeve. The second sleeve is on the needles. So, after months and months of languishing in my neglected pile of knitting it seems like this is swiftly headed for the finish line. But will it be ready in time? I hope to see my cousin in a little over a week and I've never put a zipper in a knit before.


Carole Knits said...

You can do it! I wish I could stick a stamp on Lois' forehead and mail her to you so she could put that zipper in for you!

Felicia said...

Slide a blocking wire (or 2) through the knit on either side and it will stabilize the fabric. Super easy to put the zipper in then.