Feb 2, 2012

On Socks

I didn't do a year end wrap up for 2011 but if I had you'd have seen hats, hats, and more hats. That seems to be all I made. No socks at all. After years where I made 10 pairs or more I had an anomaly - a year without socks. The horror!

Let's not dwell on it too much. It happened. It won't happen again. This year I plan to knit socks for me, my girls (all 3 of them), and anyone else. When I heard that Kirsten Kapur was delaying the Through the Loops Mystery Sock until January it seemed like a great way to return to socks.

I started strong but then a certain Girl Scout trip and other stuff got in the way and I stalled. I'm not sure when I'll get back to these but I will do it this year without fail. And when I do I'll likely give them away because I'm not sure that they'll fit me.

Apparently my sock knitting skills are rusty.


Carole Knits said...

Pretty color! I finished mine on the 31st so I made my self-imposed deadline. I am giving them to a friend as a birthday gift. I'm pretty sure they won't fit me either and I don't even want to try them on because if they DO fit then I will want to keep them!

margene said...

My sock (only one) is at about the same spot as yours. I thought I could do one sock during January, but I'll be lucky to have the pair finished in a year.