Oct 11, 2012

Last But Not Least

We've been giving a lot of tours of the house lately and they all end up in the same place, one of my favorites.  The new master bathroom.  It's the one room that feels really decadent to me.  The rest of the house is fresh, updated and exactly what I wanted but the master bathroom is beyond anything I ever imagined.  It's big and relaxing.

So come on in.  There's plenty of space.  On one recent occasion we had about 10 people in there... And room to spare.  The opening on the left is Bruce's office if you get my drift.  It's got a pocket door to close it off and it's own fan.  Thank goodness for the fan.  The handle sticking out beyond that on he left is our shower.  Two words for it - river rocks.  They're on the floor of it and I love them.


Walking into the bathroom you see my office.  I wish that was more of a joke but my girls have a funny habit of coming in to discuss the news of the day (and request funding for activities) when I'm in my office.  I suppose that when I'm in there I am the definition of a captive audience.  I am also very relaxed.  Too bad I can't conduct all my business in the tub.  Then again, that could be scary.


Continuing on yo see our vanity with the double sinks and plenty of room for us both to spread out.  you can also see the television and the mini-fridge.  I told you that the bathroom was a wee bit decadent but really, if you're relaxing in your tub, wouldn't a cold beverage and a good show be lovely?


And finally, here's a shot with my fisheye lens.  Party in the bathroom anyone?  There's plenty of room and the fridge is stocked.


I really hope that you all enjoyed the tour of our renovated house.  It's a project that I have long dreamed of and never imagined possible.  I pinch myself everyday and I am thankful that I can call this my house.  I am happy to share it with you all too.  


Carole Knits said...

It's gorgeous, Hillary! I'm so happy for you and I hope you enjoy it for many many years.

Manise said...

Gorgeous indeed! Kind of like a really nice hotel- mebe we should be gathering at your house for Rhinebeck! Lol. Too bad it's so far away. Enjoy your wonderful new space.