Oct 22, 2012

Softball Weekends

Another fall weekend dominated by softball. What is there to say about watching my kid play softball that I haven't said before?  They played. We cheered. They lost.  It's a young, new, team and I have hope for the future.


Beyond all that, this weekend was homecoming and DQ had all kinds of plans this year. Really, dinner with this group, then going to the dance with another group, and finally, going to see The Rock Horror Picture Show with still another group. I'm so glad that she can keep it all straight because just thinking about it is exhausting to me.

Of course while I adore being a part of my kids activities, my thoughts were in another place this weekend.  I was thinking of Rhinebeck and yet another year that I didn't go. So sad that the closest I came was stopping at the table for the Culinary Institute of America at a huge college fair last night.  Because going to college fairs is exactly what I want to do on a Sunday night.  Right?  And there on the display were pictures of the lovely plaza at the CIA that I've walked through many times while enjoying the gorgeous view of the Hudson River and the fall foliage.

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Carole Knits said...

Oh, that's a rough one. I was fine with not going to Rhinebeck until I watched Chronicle (a local news/magazine type show) and it was all about the Hudson River Valley. Sigh.