Mar 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Random Things On Your Mind

Random things on my mind.  OMG!  The way things have been going lately I've got nothing but. Eye drops and ear drops for my toddler. Credit cards getting hacked. Snow falling as I freeze my ass of on the bleachers at the forst softball double header of the season.  Toddlers who can dress themselves - and insist on doing so.  And much, much, more.

1. This is what I saw on my way to work yesterday.  What gives?  I love snow.  Love, love, love.  But not in March.  This is just wrong.


2. Why can't people drive sanely in bad weather.  Seriously!  Are you really that excited for work?
3. And stop texting! You freak me out enough when you repeatedly speed up and then stop short of hitting the cars in front of you - IN. THE. SNOW.  Adding the texting to the mix is just sadistic.
4. I have done my Passover shopping but I'm still far from ready for the holiday.  Everyone else is trying out recipes and planning menus.  I am still shaking off my cloak of denial.
5. Pink is awesome.  The girls and I saw her last Thursday night and it was phenomenal!


6. It got me thinking about the difference between a concert and a show.  At a concert they get up there and sing their songs and play their instruments (I'm looking at you Bon Jovi).  They hopefully do a good job.  A show takes the singing and adds artistic content.  Lots of artistic content!  This was a show.  An awesome one.
7.  I cannot believe that spring break is next week.  The school year is just flying by and it's giving me whiplash.
8.  DQ says hello to everyone out there reading the blog.  She is reading over my shoulder.
9.  Snow should not be coating the buds on the trees.  Poor little buds.


10. I can't wait for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom.  The snow had better not ruin them.


Carole Julius said...

Snowing here today, too. Ugh.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

You've got snow and we've got fires. Neither of which belong in March! Sorry to hear about those frustrations. I bet at times the dressing toddler is good for a laught?

Teri said...

Those crazy-ass drivers make my head explode.

Leslie said...

Sorry you still have snow, here in Sacramento, CA, beautiful sunny spring weather, high 70's. Hope your spring comes soon.

Beverly said...

I'm happy to have a snow day off, but I'm not so happy about the snow. We were finally just seeing the ground!

Cursing Mama said...

We've had more snow in the last 5 days than we had in February...and this time last year as I was heading to Florida for a week, people here were happily wearing flip-flops. I think Spring is broken!

Donna said...

So many of us had some sort of weather related thought! I think we are all in agreement - Winter needs it's eviction notice.

Laurie said...

Good and random. I hate the drivers and I love the snow, too.