Mar 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Reasons You're Happy it's March

What a difference a week makes.  Last week at this time I was putting together a list of all the reasons I wanted winter to be over now while admitting that was really ok with it sticking around long enough for one more good snow.  Of course I didn't actually think we'd get any snow but you can always dream.

Now I really am ready for winter to be over.  Funny how yet one more bout of sniffles, sore throat, aches etc will change a person's outlook! And just as I'm thinking about how badly I'd love to put flu weather behind me we are finally expecting a snow storm that they are cautiously declaring "could be major." Seriously?


But it is March and that's a step in the right direction.  Today they came out with the prediction for the peak of this years Cherry Blossoms (March 28-30th).  So that would be a great place to start my list of reasons I'm happy it's March.

  1. Cherry Blossoms - the parade, the festival, the flowers... I melt!  I swoon!
  2. All that green - I really love green and they bring it all out for St Patricks Day.
  3. Doubliner Cheddar Cheese - Yum!  They bring out the really good stuff this time of year.
Ack!  I posted too early.  Let's continue because we've got some great stuff planned.  March is a super full month for us!

     4.  P!NK - the big girls and I are seeing her later this month.  Can you say girls night?  Hmmm... I'm thinking of Mexican food before the show.  Now we're talking!
     5.  Rocking the RED - we have tickets to a Caps game this month.  Our first one with Miss M.  I wonder how she'll like it.
     6.  Passover - Ok, I know that sounds a little perverse and it's not entirely accurate.  I don't really love Passover but I do love the Seders.  Cook up a storm, set a beautiful table and fill the house with great people to celebrate with.  Love that!
     7.  Announcements - they'll announce the performers for the Fairfax Fair AKA Celebrate Fairfax sometime this month.  I can't wait to see who it'll be.
     8.   Spring Break - It won't be as stress free this year as usual because DQ will be using the break to get ahead on work she'll miss during her upcoming trip but it's still nice to see the girls chill out and have a little fun.
     9.  Spring knits - March is a great time to start some warm weather knitting.  Perhaps a sweater for a sweet young thing.
     10.  Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms. - and also daffodils and crocus and the reddish blur that is the appearance of buds on the trees.

But first we need to get through the snow storm that is a bit late to the party.


Carole Julius said...

Did you hit publish too soon?

StephieKnits said...

The nice thing about snow storms in March is the snow rarely lasts a day or two, at least normally here.

Beverly said...

I attended my first Seder two years ago...I thought it was the loveliest celebration of spring!

Kim said...

I didn't know cheese was at all a seasonal thing. I'll have to keep an eye out for Doubliner Cheddar Cheese and give it a try.