Jul 16, 2008

Hello My Name Is...

This is my new niece who was born a week ago while I was listening to Senator Obama tell us all about how he'd like to improve things for women. She is the first child of my brother Micah and his wife Misun and her name is Manhattan Sarah. Yep, Manhattan.

Manhattan Sarah

Obviously the name is a little unusual and there has been a lot of discussion about it in my family. I suggested that my brother start a fund for the therapy that she'll need when she get's older. Stinkerbelle thinks that her new cousin ought to learn self defense. Nicknames have been suggested and one relative has decided that they'll just stick with the middle name. It's unlikely that her full first name will be used very often but still, the child is Manhattan from Manhattan. Can you imagine the jokes, the double takes, the looks of disbelief that she'll get?

Then again, this isn't the first child I know who is named for a borough of New York. This is Brooklyn. She's the daughter of my buddy Felicia and she's turning one this week. I thought that would be a hard name to get used to but it's really grown on me.


Anyone know a Bronx? That may be better as a boys name. What about Staten Island or Queens? What's the weirdest name you've ever heard?


Meghann said...

LOL....no borough names here for you, but growing up two girls in my high school class were named Velvet and Madonna.

sprite said...

I had a great aunt whose name (not nickname) was Queenie. I guess the practice of choosing oddball names is not a new one.

Congratulations on the new niece! She's a cutie.

Mini said...

We have in our family:

Carson Beach (first and middle)
(named for the beach they *ahem* made the baby on)
Amelia Rain
(we talked her out of Rain Storm, also named for what was happening during conception)
Sophia Moon
(talked out of Moonbeam Rainbow)

But, then again, I knew a girl named "Charity" (sisters: Constance, Trinity, Faith and Hope, brother: Goode) who married a guy with the last name : Caise. Said "case", so she's Charity Caise. unforunate

Sarah said...

What a wonderful baby! Congratulations on the addition to the family, Aunt Hillary!

Margene said...

I've heard children with unusual names are very creative. The weirdest name I've heard it Botilda. In Scandinavia it wouldn't be strange, however and means something like strong.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the name Manhattan. I think most names will grow on you. I get a lot of strange looks when I tell people my granddaughter's name is Clover. They almost always repeat it as a question; like they couldn't possibly have heard me right :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I meant to say how BEAUTIFUL she is!

Your friend's baby is beautiful as well :)

Carole Knits said...

Look at little Brooklyn! She's just as adorable as ever! My stepdaughter's friend named her son Boston. I thought that was pretty silly.

Elspeth said...

Both are very cute girls. Brooklyn can be Brooke Lynn so I can understand that but Manhattan? For a girl? As her first name? I hope she doesn't end up being a tee totaller.

Elspeth said...

P.S. RE the comment on "poor" Charity Caise, I saw a family on MTV where two professional clowns had triplets and purposely named them Candy Graham, Millie Graham, and oh, I can't remember the third! But they were all plays on their name.

maciesmom said...

Bronx is the name of Ashlee Simpson's son born 11-20-08. :-)

***Also, the third Graham child of the triplets Millie, Candy, was Holly Graham.