Jul 25, 2008

My DC - Week 24

In a city full of beautiful, historic and interesting sites, it's so easy to dismiss a huge, whale of a building like this. Consuming a full block between Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, the Department of Commerce is just massive and at first glance, pretty boring. The real story is in the details though and, each day as I walk by it, alternating between the 14th and 15th street sides, I notice little things that amuse and interest me. Here is a small collection of them.


All around the building are plaques commemorating the different organizations and offices that have at one time or another been under the auspices of the Department of Commerce. Steamboat inspection sounds kind of quaint to me.


As I always do when checking out a building, I looked up and was charmed to find that the decoration even extends to the evens of the building.


The building has 6 courtyards and as I walk by I often notice the gates. Imagine how heavy they must be. Notice the bird in the middle - an eagle maybe.


Now what about this? Here is a detail from one of the extremely large sconces that adorn most of the entries to the building. I bet thousands of people walk by them each day without noticing them at all. Take a good look. Is that an eagle over the glass pane... or is it a bat? I t looks bat like to me.


here's another large sconce from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the building. Are those butterflies? It looks like there are a series of different butterflies. I love that and can't wait to check it out again today on my way home.


Then again, it could be that I just can't wait to go home period. Happy Friday everyone!


Carole Knits said...

I remember just how massive this building is but seeing the details really makes it great.

Cursing Mama said...

What great details....I think knitters (and most hobbyist/crafter types) like to get a look at the details of most everything. We are the silly soles who look a beautiful hand knit sweater and ask to see the wrong side ;)

Mini said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Caroleknits awhile back... I love love love DC and love reading your blog. It's so nice to see someone who really loves their city and can appreciate the little things that add up to the greatness. Me, I love the old Post office building, near the train station. Our dream is to live in Dupont or Woodley Park... maybe someday.