Jul 2, 2008

Still Growing

DSC_0076This has been one of the rainiest seasons in recent memory and, while rain isn't a lot of fun, it's been great for the growth of stuff both inside and out. A great example is my cantaloupe plants. Look at how they've spread out. Can you see all of the blossoms on there? There are easily a dozen on there and I'm the only one in the house who will eat them. Maybe I'll set Stinky up with a fruit stand or I can give them away as parting gifts to anyone who visits my house. I wonder how many melons we'd have to sell to buy another wheel. Maybe I'll settle for a bit more yarn.


Blossoms by themselves don't mean much but we've had many visitors in the garden this summer - like this little guy. The bees are loving my little garden and they are there every single day checking to see if they missed anything new. Chances are good that we'll have an abundant harvest this year.
Look at the peppers growing. It's weird because most of them are like the one one on the left - teeny, tiny.


Not all of the growth is taking place in the garden. My Alpine Shawl is growing too. Here it is pinned out a little bit on one of the mats I got last year for blocking. This is the first time I tried them out at all. I think they'll work really well.


I try to do a repeat or 2 each night but it's been fighting with the wheel, the kippot and socks for my attention. Slowly but surely all of the projects in progress are moving along and it's possible that I'll get them all done on time.


Margene said...

The garden pictures are very good! You have so much going on!

Sarah said...

Your post is a good reminder to me that progress continues. I sometimes feel like I am not getting anything done as I work to complete several projects a bit at time in turn.