Jun 8, 2011

Car Seats

So, as you might expect, things are changing around our house in big ways. Reality has set in and we are finally going through the stuff we saved from way back when our girls were little. All I can say about that is "what was I thinking?" The years have not been kind to a lot of it so out it goes.

Happily, not all of the stuff we've uncovered is awful. I found the dress that DQ wore in her first real baby portrait - the one that hangs in our house. It's still in good shape and it's totally a keeper.

We also found Max the Moose and last night we put him to work in exactly the same way we did over 15 years ago. Then, as now, the only thing we bought to prepare for the baby we expected was a car seat. Max was just the right size for the seat and Bruce and I used him to make sure we knew how to work the seat and then Max kept it warm until we needed it for DQ. This time it was DQ who installed Max in the seat for her new sibling. Kind of cool.


The title of this post was car seats plural for a reason. I took DQ to the DMV last Friday to participate in a teen right of passage - the taking of her permit test. Those of you who are FB friends know that she passed and now posesses a newly minted learner's permit. You can see that she's kind of excited about it and can't wait to get behind the wheel and on the road for real.


Of course in this picture she's in my car and that is not what she'll be learning in. Heck no! As excited as I am for her I have not completely lost my mind. We've got the perfect car for her to learn on - much older, bigger, and with a few dings already. She's just happy to drive anything at this point.


Carole Knits said...

I wouldn't let her near your car either! Good for her, though, and I hope it's a smooth and easy process for all of you. I hope the other "thing" is smooth and easy, too. Only two and a half more weeks!

Cursing Mama said...

You'll be so happy when she can cart herself around and run to the store for you - you won't even care if she takes your car!

It's true! I let Gameboy take mine when he's low on gas money for his.