Jun 2, 2011

Positive Thoughts

As the title of this post should indicate, I'm feeling more positive today than I was last week. It's not that I don't have stuff to complain about - broken TVs, rude people, stress, an overly busy schedule to name a few - but thanks to a recent flurry of activity I'm feeling like I've gotten a lot accomplished.

This picture was taken at a local event space. It's so pretty. There were tons of flowers and green space - all the things I love. But there was another site that spoke to all of us clearly and decisively. Our next huge event is still a year away but with a small human joining the mix that includes 2 teen/preteens who are super busy all the time I feel better doing my planning way in advance. But I did take a few pictures of this place just to pretty up the blog.


Other things that are making me happy right now include softball. Stinkerbelle's team really came together in the end of the season to win the last 2 games. One of them ended with an amazing double-play. There really is nothing better than seeing your child doing well and smiling broadly in victory. Tonight is the first playoff game. I really hope that they do well.

We also got a bunch of shopping done so that I am prepared with gifts for the 3 Bar/Bat Mitzvah's we'll attend in the next month. Yay! No last minute panic. Not only that but I got Stinkette dresses for the events and one of them is killer! My girl, the same one who was very tomboyish until recently, was primping and posing in front of the mirror and told me that she felt pretty. I melt.

I also got ton's of other stuff done but the bottom line is that I feel a little more in control - like this all might come together and work after all. Which is not to say that I'm ready for this baby right now. Oh no! I've still got lot's to do but I'm getting there.

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Carole Knits said...

Love that photo. So will the bat mitzvah be an outdoor event somewhere else or are you having it inside? Sounds like you are planning ahead and that's smart. I wish I lived closer so I could help you!