Dec 5, 2011

Birthdays - DQ turns 16!

Today would have been my dads 69th birthday. I am reminded daily of all the really good stuff that he's missing but now more than ever. I am busy with so many things and I know that he would be really excited by all of them. It seems like every day Bruce, the girls and I are imagining his reaction to stuff. The election antics, the construction updates, the baby milestones, the Bat Mitzvah prep. All of it. And I know that he'd be only too happy to take credit for DQ's academic accolades. It makes me wish that he was still here.


Speaking of DQ, it was her birthday on Saturday and she celebrated it in style with a few close friends. I couldn't pull together a Sweet 16 party (brain is already overloaded) so I came up with an idea that I thought was a winner. I got tickets for Lindsey and 4 friends to go see Jersey Boys at the National Theatre. Then, because I had neither the time or the space in my car to ferry the 5 of them downtown, I got a car service to take them to the show and back. This may have been one of my best ideas ever. Very little cleaning or prep required and the girls had a blast. Teenage girls chauffered to and from a show in Washington DC on a Saturday night in a big, black, suv. Win! And for me too because I felt confident that they were safe. Letting go is soooo hard. Most importantly the show was really good (amazing according to the girls) and they had a blast. I'm sure my girl will always remember her Sweet 16.

The weirdest part for me was seeing 2 of her 4 friends arrive - driving themselves. I tell you, it was so weird. Seeing the collection of cars in front of the house, including the one that DQ will be driving in a few short months, made the fact that they're growing up so clear. Thank goodness I have Miss M at home for many years to come. Can you imagine what a basket case I'll be when she turns 16?


Carole Knits said...

What a pretty and delicious looking cake. The car service was a stroke of genius! Letting go is hard and it doesn't really get easier - -

Mini said...

i was reading this and remembering when my mom was planning a party for me and asking my dad where they'd park all the cars... he said "what cars?" "Their cars... they all drive now!" He had to sit down. lol

sprite said...

Happy birthday to DQ! (Although I'm pretty sure she just turned 13 last week -- where does the time go?) And your way of celebrating sounds like a winner of an idea.