Feb 6, 2013

Still Winter

I called this hat Suddenly it Got Cold because that's exactly what happened.  After a pretty mild start to yet another winter it turned cold.  Suddenly I felt the need to zip up my jacket and put on my gloves and my hat. It shouldn't have been a surprise but it was.


And I realized that my hat wasn't cutting it. It was a cute, slouchy hat that I made in 2009 and I like it but it's a very light hat.  It's kind of lacy and the yarn is Fibranatura Oak - merino, linen, and silk.  It's got a lovely hand but no body, no oomph.  I needed a hat that felt more substantial.


So this pattern was one I had my eye on for quite a while.  It's the Dragonflies Hat by Joji Locatelli and I have to say it is one of the clearest patterns I've ever followed.  It was a joy to knit from start to finish. It wasn't simple but it was so well-written that it was easy.  I would knit it again in a heartbeat.


So was it a success?  Is it warmer and more substantial than my other hat?  Well, thanks to some awesome Madeline Tosh Vintage it totally is.  I wanted to use a more variegated yarn but I looked at other versions and used my head instead of my heart and it wound up being the best decision.  Truly you can't go wrong when shopping for yarn in your own stash - you must have liked it when you bought it! And so it is with this luscious, green yarn.

I adore this yarn and this pattern and the hat it became.


Anonymous said...

Your hat is great - as is the adorable model! I so wish I could wear hats....

Carole Julius said...

It sounds perfect in every way!

Laurie said...

Perfect color, perfect design, perfect model!