Apr 25, 2013

Blowing Glass

As much as I wanted to stop the world and cry for a few days when my grandfather died, the world doesn't work like that.  It moves on.  And with active kids around there is never any shortage of stuff to do.  So after the funeral last Friday we went to Pennsylvania for a Bar Mitzvah and then on to Baltimore where we met DQ's Girl Scout Troop for glass blowing.  How freakin' cool is that?

We had planned to drop her off and run but I was mesmerized.  I've always wanted to see how it was done so I couldn't resist taking my camera out.  Then, since we were there (and another girl cancelled at the last minute) they asked if Stinkette wanted to try.  Ummmm... YES!!!

So this is what it looked like. Lots of pictures - few words.

Cooling the tools... they get really hot!


Adding a bit of color.


Smoothing it out.


Heating it up again.


Lindsey shaping her vase.


Daria shaping her pumpkin. It's red hot!


Check out that pumpkin.


And the pumpkin gets a cute, swirly, stem.


We couldn't take them home the same day because they needed to cool and harden properly.  I hope to share finished pictures when we have all three pieces.  Yup!  I got to do it too.  Lucky me!


Carole Julius said...

That is really cool! I can't wait to see all 3 finished pieces.

margene said...

What an amazing experience. Glass art has always fascinated me.