Apr 11, 2013

In the Kitchen

DQ is in Israel now, after a week in Poland.  This is the part of the trip I kind of dreaded because it would be so easy for her to fall in love with that country. I know that she'll come home a week from now but the big question is - will she be pining for Israel. Only time will tell. Right now she's having a fabulous time.

Although we miss DQ terribly, we're having fun too. The four of us have been super busy with school events, festivals, concerts, sports and family fun.  Dinner last Saturday night falls into the last category.  We made personal pizzas and it was so much fun.  Daria helped Miss M make hers. They were so sweet to watch.


Then my youngest was back to her old tricks. She is very familiar with the freezer and knows it as the keeper of ice cream and waffles and ice.  We all drink ice water in my house and now Miss M does too.  But hers is in a sippy cup.  She is impatient and independent so she helps herself.


We teach them to love their ice young.


margene said...

It's great to see your grrls enjoying the kitchen at an early age. Independent and self-sufficient kids are confident kids. Personal pizza sounds so fun!

Carole Julius said...

She is such a cutie patootie!