Apr 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Always Bring on Vacation

This is the time of year when I'm busy planning ahead for summer and fall vacations but it's so hard to think about that stuff when winter just won't go.  This past weekend is seems that we turned a corner.


The weather warmed up just in time for Stinkerbelle's team to debut their new uniforms.  Not only did they look sharp, they played well too.

  1. My camera - gotta take lot's of pictures
  2. A swimsuit - especially if I'm going to the beach
  3. A bunch of ziplock bags - they are handy for so many things
  4. A good book - actually I'd bring a few.  Reading relaxes me - what better for a vacation?
  5. A knitting project or seven - Heaven forbid I should run out of knitting to do although I rarely even make a dent.  It's truly pathetic.
  6. An old pillow case for my laundry.
  7. A tour book or other guide - I love seeing new things
  8. Maps - so I can find my way around without technology.  I'm a little old school.
  9. My ipod and ipad - one is for surfing and the other for chilling but both are absolutely essential.
  10. Way too many clothes - I tend to pack for all the what if's.  You never know!

1 comment:

Carole Julius said...

You are the second person to mention extra ziploc bags and I'm going to pack them from now on. Can't believe I never thought of it myself!