Jan 1, 2014

New Year - New Start

The last time I posted here was July 2, 2013 and life was very different. My blog abandonment wasn't intentional. Like so many things, it just sort of happened.  I took pictures on July 4th, during my college trip with DQ, during softball, and so many other times. I mentally composed posts and some of them were damn good. But I never posted a thing.

But things change and change again. Yesterday I returned from one of the best vacations that I've had in years.  It was relaxing, and fun, and filled me with a sense of renewal and inspiration. Right before we left I read several good books and I even finished a few knitting projects.  So now, exactly 7 years after I first started this blog, I'm returning to it. I don't even know if there's anyone left out there to read it. If there are then welcome back.

Consider this blog open for business.


sprite said...

Excellent! I hope to read soon where this very appealing shot was taken.

Carole Julius said...

I'm still here and I'm glad you're back!

margene said...

Still here and hoping to see much more of you! Your vacation looks (and sounds) marvelous!!

Kathryn said...

Welcome back!! I just started blogging again too. Funny how these things go. :-) Happy New Year!