Jan 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Moments From 2013

I've got to be honest, 2013 wasn't a very good year for me. There were life changes that left me feeling a little lost and worried. But, even in a year with dramatic lows there are amazing highs that put it all in perspective. It was a year that so much went so right and my girls had much to be happy about. Here are a few high notes from 2013.

  1. I got to spend one last amazing day with my grandfather.  Of course I didn't know it was the last one at the time, but it was amazing.
  2. DQ finally earned her Gold award which is the highest award in Girl Scouts. It was a long and arduous undertaking but the end result was worth it. 
  3. Our trip to Amish Country to spend time with my sister and brother and their families.  It was such fun and the countryside up there is beautiful. We got a gorgeous quilt. The only regret is that DQ couldn't come but that's just something that I've got to get used to.
  4. Stinkette's softball team changed affiliation and she finally got to wear a Firebird uniform.  Not only that, the team started winning more often.  Let's hope that it's the start of something wonderful.
  5. The fall trip that DQ and I took through New England to visit colleges.  The school tours were informative and, as an added bonus, we got to see Carole and Dale.  Yay!  We finished the trip in Rhinebeck with my sister. We had such a good time.
  6. The Halloween party my girls had. We had never held one before but I had the time so... why not. I had so much fun making all of the treats for it like the Day of the Dead cookies below.
  7. Then there was the cast party that we hosted after the run of Little Shop of Horrors ended. At it's peak there were about 70-80 drama kids in the house. The best moment was when they all crammed into my living room to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" while watching Mulan.  I was so happy to be able to help the kids celebrate a great show.
  8. Thanksgiving in NY.  It was so nice to see family and friends. 
  9. DQ's friends threw her a surprise party at our house to celebrate her 18th birthday.  She never saw it coming.  It was so good to see how much her friends love her.
  10. Our first trip as a family of 5 - St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The vacation that almost didn't happen was everything that I could've hoped for and more.  It was magical. 


Carole Julius said...

I'm glad you found some great moments in a rather difficult year. Here's to more and better ones in 2014!

tneifeld said...

So glad you're back!