Jan 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Like About Winter

It is cold here today.  Really, really cold. We haven't had this many days in the teens and below in ages - if ever. But here's a little secret.  I kind of like the extreme cold.  In small doses it's refreshing and exhilarating. I can say this because I don't have to be out there in it much at all. It's only a few steps from my front door to my car and not much more to wherever I need to go. If I had to be outside waiting for a bus or walking long distances it'd be a different story.

But I'm not sure that I'd say the extreme cold would be one of my favorite things about the winter. I do like some things about the winter and here's a list.

  1. Seeing handknits in use - My girls love to bundle themselves up in handknits.  I love seeing them wearing the hats, gloves, scarves, and cowls that I've made for them.
  2. Inspiration for more hamdknits - cold weather makes me want to create more wonderful wooliness to keep my girls warm.
  3. Snow - I know many people who hate snow but I love it. I love watching it fall. I love walking in it. I love just about everything about it.
  4. Hot Chocolate - I don't do it often but there is nothing quite like a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
  5. Snow Days - just not too many of them. Too much unscheduled time gets a little crazy.
  6. Rosy cheeks - I just love seeing my girls with rosy cheeks. The glow of good health and all that.
  7. The winter light - I can't really explain it but there is something about the light.  It's crisp and unfiltered.
  8. Cooking hearty meals - chili, and all the hearty, meaty stuff that makes us feel nostalgic. It feels so good and it makes the house smell great too.
  9. Blankets - I love curling up on the couch with one of my girls under piles of blankets to watch a show or read a book.
  10. Reading - It's the perfect activity for a cold winter day.   


Vicki Knitorious said...

"Rosy cheeks!" <3

Vicki Knitorious said...

"Rosy cheeks!" Love it!

Carole Julius said...

Our lists are very similar - and really - we're knitters! We have to embrace the season that calls for our product the most!

Angelia said...

Great list! I totally understand about the light in winter.