Feb 10, 2014

Inspired by the Olympic Spirit

Look, it's a rare Monday post. I usually can't get it together enough to post on a Monday but today I'm feeling kind of inspired. Getting a good start on a project will do that for you and Friday night, as I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games I started my own challenge. This time I'm trying to make a new rainbow sweater for Miss M from start to finish during the course of the games.

I knit through ski jumping and snowboarding and lots of figure skating and before I knew it the body and one of the sleeves were done. I'm working on the second sleeve now before I join it all together and move on to the yoke of the sweater. It's a really good thing that this sweater is moving fast because Miss M can't wait to wear it.

It's rather surprising that the Olympics inspired all of this productivity because I'm not really a huge sports fan.  It's true that I love to watch Stinkette play softball but I'm not big on other sports - especially on tv. But the Olympics inspires a similar sense of pride to that which you get watching your child play. I get so drawn in to hoping that our athletes win because they're out there giving they're best shot for all of us. When they win - we all win.  Go USA!

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Carole Julius said...

You're making great progress!