Feb 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Things that are Red

I'm sitting in my house writing this as I watch the figure skating and wondering why more skaters don't wear red.  An old friend of mine loved it and called it a power color and I'd have to agree. Red is not a color for the timid.  It says "Here I am!" There is nothing restful or boring about red. It's alive!

So where to start this list of fabulous things that are red? How about a little wool?

1. Red yarn - maybe a little something like this.

2. Barns - I love driving along rural roads and seeing a dilapidated barn out in the middle of a field. It's weirdly charming.

3. Strawberries - just the thought of strawberries makes me smile and think of summer.

4. Red skies at sunset - I really love when the red streaks color the evening sky.

5. Cars - I had a red car once and I loved it. Now my daughter has one but I hope it doesn't inspire her the way it inspired me... to go fast.

6. Crayons - as long as they're being used on paper - not my walls.

7. Apples - I especially love apple pie.

8. Nail polish - I love a nice deep red on my toes.

9.  Cranberries - I love cranberry sauce at the holidays but I love dried cranberries year round. Dried cranberries on a salad are my favorite.

10. My daughter's hair - Stinkerbelle's hair has been red since birth and I love it. This is a bit of a throwback shot and I think her hair is on fire in it.


Carole Julius said...

Red skies are a beautiful thing and we have had some awesome ones this winter.

Linda said...

I love that yarn!! What is it?

Linda in VA

Leslie said...

Old barns are the best, what stories they could tell.

Patti said...

What an adorable young lady -- she does have beautiful hair. :) Loved your list!