Feb 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - I Feel...

It's kind of a roller coaster ride around here lately. There are warm days like we had over the weekend where I go around in flip flops and no jacket and they're followed by days like today where I wake up to snow and an urge to bundle up. I can have a day full of joy and laughter with my girls that is followed up with a reminder that my life is not all that it could or should be. So talking about how I feel is kind of a mixed bag.

Here it is, the good and the bad because these days the two are intertwined. These days I feel...

  1. Excited - this weekend my daughter and I shopped for a prom dress and we found one. It was much easier than we expected and, most importantly, she is thrilled with her choice.
  2. Joyful - when I watch Miss M learning and growing it fills me with joy. This is good because she is challenging me in ways my older daughters never did.  Crayons on the windows and walls - check. 
  3. Frustrated - I'm still jobless and it's been much longer than I ever imagined. I never had trouble like this before but this economy is different. Then again, I'm also older than I was.
  4. Old - I have aches and pains that are new and really unpleasant. But the clearest sign are the reading glasses that are my constant companion.
  5. Hopeful - at my core I am an optimist and I feel like something better is just around the corner.  It has to be.
  6. Accomplished - After a really long knitting drought I've finally picked up my needles again and it's so nice. Even better, I've finished a lot of projects - old and new - and they've turned out well.
  7. Satisfied - I've read some really good books lately. There have been a few stinkers too but most of them I've enjoyed. It also feels good to be doing something that is occasionally thought provoking.
  8. Lethargic - It would be more accurate to say that I feel out of shape. I know that I need to just get out there and raise my activity level and I've started a few times. It turns out that I'm better at stating than continuing.
  9. Proud - My girls are surpassing all of my hopes and dreams and expectations and it's such a great thing.
  10. Apprehensive - sometimes it feels like things are moving just a little bit too fast and I wish I could slow it all down a bit. 


Carole Julius said...

It's all good, mixed bag and all. I wish you luck on the job thing, it must be really frustrating.

Patty said...

Proud...that's the best isn't it? And life is a mixed bag at times but that little girl must bring so much joy!