Jun 9, 2010

All Hail the League Champs!

Yesterday I had a migraine like you wouldn't believe so I hid in my office with the lights off all day. It wasn't the most productive way to spend the day but there were far more important things on my mind... like the game yesterday evening. No, I'm not talking about the major league debut of Steven Strasburg - I'm talking about the league championship game that featured Stinkerbelle's team as the winners of the West division.


I was there with the newest sock* on my needles but I can't say I got a lot of knitting done. I was too busy jumping up and down and screaming my head off. Oh, is my throat sore today! The fans of our team went especially wild when my girl hit a double in one of our most productive innings.

Our whole team played really well and in the end we came up with a 7-4 win over a team that beat us by 1 run in both of our previous meetings. It was so satisfying to beat them when it really mattered!


Doesn't she look happy?

*The pattern for this sock is Spring Forward by Linda Welch and the yarn is Neighborhood Yarn in a gorgeous blue shade called Georgetown.


Carole Knits said...

Fantastic! Congratulations to Daria and her teammates!

Manise said...

Great sock and congrats to Daria and her team! !

Anonymous said...

Yes, she does look happy, as well she should!
Congratulations to the Champs!