Jun 3, 2010

Garden Report - June 3rd

It feels like forever since I've had a real knitting post and this won't be one either but rest assured - they're coming. I just haven't had a lot of knitting time lately but, even so, in the past week I finished 2 pairs of socks and I hope to have modeled shots to share really soon.

In the absence of knitting to share let's turn to the garden again. Here's the corn. It'finally starting to look like something. I put it in a slightly different spot than last year and the formation is different too. Last year we had 4 stalks in a row and I learned that corn needs to be planted in tight groups to cross pollinate so this year I have 8 stalks in 2 rows side by side. It's also right next to my lavendar which is quite popular with the bees. Lets see how it does.


Here is a zucchini plant with 3 blossoms on it already. It looks like it should do really well this year... just like it did last year. Yup, this plant is a return from last year. I did plant new zucchini seedlings this year in a spot near this one but they're not quite at this point yet. When I saw this plant poking through the soil I suspected that it could be zucchini so I didn't pull it when I weeded and now I'm glad I followed my instincts.



Carole Knits said...

That's so cool that your zucchini came back - especially considering the winter that you had!

Laurie said...

Such fun! Do you get the squash borer beetle? We have to sprinkle pyrethrin dust on the stems to keep the little buggers at bay.