Jun 2, 2010

Beyond Barbeques

I have had plenty of rest now and pleanty of time to recover the weekend. Although I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at a hard bench without shuddering again and I've got quite a few bug bites I'm otherwise ok.

We did have a big BBQ on Saturday. It was not the same cast of characters that we usually invite (we like to mix it up occasionally) but it was a good group and we had some *ahem* lively conversation. As usual I made a bit more food than was needed but that's a good thing because I was a little preoccupied with preparing for the other big event of the weekend and didn't do much food shopping for the house. Leftovers for all!


Here are the fancy accomodations where I spent the balance of my weekend. Girl Scout camp out! Woot! Ok, ok so they cabins we stayed in weren't that fancy. They were way better than the bathrooms. Ew. So glad I brought an air freshener spray for my girls to use. They're a little princessy.


This was my first camp out as a leader and I think it went very well. There were a few snags like the girl who missed her parents in the middle of the night, and the endless stream of girls who cut themselves while cooking. Thankfully nobody had anything that a normal bandaid couldn't handle and after a while the girls thought it was funny that they all had small injuries. It could be so much worse.

The best part of the trip was having both my girls with me. I am Stinkinette's troop leader so I stayed with her group but DQ was there with her troop too. They're pretty tight and have been camping together for ages. They envisioned spending the weekend sleeping late and relaxing around the campsite. Unfortunately the other adults looked at them and saw a few extra pairs of semi-adult hands to help out. The girls were pretty good about pitching in when they weren't napping.


It was exhausting but really fun. I love camp fires and the songs the girls sing. I loved seeing my girls grow and do things they never thought that they could do. And at then end I was more thankful than ever for my little house with indoor plumbing and hot showers and comfy seating that didn't make me ass hurt. It's the small things.

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Carole Knits said...

You are a brave soul and a great mom.