Jun 7, 2010

Smithsonian Sleepover

Saturday evening, Stinkerbelle and I engaged in our second overnight adventure in less than a week. We traded the bugs and oppressive heat and humidity of our camp out for the cold, hard floor of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. At least here we had indoor plumbing.


Stinkette and I had a great time at our Smithsonian Sleepover. We were with some really good friends and had a blast. We did crafts in the Rotunda including one that involved a mud cake made of top soil and glue. We took a tour of some exhibits by flashlight which lent an especially creepy dimension to the bones within.


Another highlight of the evening was a scavenger hunt through several exhibits including the dinosuars. It was all topped off by seeing an IMAX 3d movie on the Galapagos Islands.


Eventually we settled down to sleep and it was so weird listening to the museum noises. It isn't cheap but it was so much fun. I highly recommend it to anyone with kids between 8-12 (the only ages allowed). Sadly, no adults are allowed without kids so you may have to borrow one of the proper age if you want to attend. Do it! This may be the best visit to a museum that my daughter has ever had and I bet it's the one that she'll remember most.


micah_gideon said...

That is so awesome! I never knew they did that. Maybe one day I can take Mattie...

Carole Knits said...

That sounds like such fun!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful time. It reminds me of a trip my daughter & I took with Girl Scouts to the Boston Science Museum - many years ago. We slept (wasn't really much sleeping going on) on the HARD floors, enjoyed some demonstrations and hands on activities, a lightning show, games, and ended with an IMAX movie. It was so much fun! Thanks for bringing back that good memory for me :-)