Sep 8, 2010

August Potholder

The Dazzling Dozen potholder swap continues and I'm really enjoying it. Each month I look at the answers that the member of the month has provided to the little questionnaire they sent and their Ravelry profile for inspiration. It's kind of fun challenging myself to change it up for each one. I could just keep doing the same thing over and over but then it starets to feel more like work and less like fun.

For the August potholder I used a pattern by Julie Bolduc called the Tumbledown Trivet. I really like this pattern a lot. It needed a wee bit of tinkering to make it work in a larger version for my purposes but the results were really great. It ought to make a fantastic potholder because it came out really thick. No burnt hands with this baby.


The yarn was an assortment of Elann Sonata and Tahki Cotton Classic. I love the color palette that mixing the 2 yarns together gives me. The picture above represents the colors best 2 greens, 2 blues, and 1 yellow. Can you see the difference in the 2 blues? It's subtle in these pictures but it's there.


As usual I kept it simple on the reverse. I just made stripes of different widths using each of the colors once.

Now I'm thinking about the September potholder and this member likes jewel tones which is a wee bit outside my comfort zone colorwise. It could be really good or it could be a train wreck.

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Carole Knits said...

That's awesome! Why oh why don't you live close enough to teach me how to do that?!?