Sep 23, 2010

Clever Girl

Here's a little grin for today. Yesterday I looked at my girl as she walked into the school and noticed that she was wearing mismatched socks - one was light blue and the other was pink. I commented on it and she told me that she had stayed with light colors.

Today as I left the house to take Stinkerbelle to school I looked down again and noticed this. These match even less than the ones she wore yesterday so, again, I commented on it.


She grinned from ear to ear when she informed me that these too had a theme. Food! One is popcorn and the other is ice cream. She is very proud of herself.


micah_gideon said...

I must say that this rocks.

Manise said...

Haha! Love it!

Carole Knits said...

Hannah did this for a while, too. I must admit that it drove this OCD mama a bit crazy.

Laurie said...

Clever on many levels! Make sure you tell her it aggravates you. Then it will become rebellion, and one that is more temporary than a tat.