Sep 2, 2010

UFO's and Why They Never Get Finished

It's September again and not surprisingly I've got a list of stuff I had hoped to finish that just didn't happen. This isn't to say that the summer has been a complete fail - I finished a baby sweater, a pair of socks, a few potholders, a hat and a shawl. Not too shabby.

The problem is that I keep picking up UFO's with the full intent of finishing them and getting sidetracked be needs, musts, and wants.

Here is Que Sera. I started it back in March and by late April the body was complete and the first sleeve was nearly finished too. Then something distracted me and the next time I picked it up it was August. Now I've got the second sleeve started and this should be a dash to the finish line but instead it's sitting again waiting till I have the time to look at it again.


One of the projects that got in the way was this pair of socks - Gothic Spire by Cookie A. The first one has been finished since the end of June and I know that all I need are a few short days to finish the second. I feel like the finish line is so close that I said I'd share them as a finished pair way back at the beginning of last month. So close and yet... not quite there.


Here's another thing that I'm working on right now. I call these my Staycation Socks because that's when I started them and they're likely to be finished before anything else just because plain toe-up socks are a no-brainer for me and I can take them out to work on anywhere. Even so, these are kind of stalled because of a need that kind of crept up on me.


Here is the thing that is forcing me to be monogamous. I realized 2 weeks ago that DQ has 3 new dresses that look great on her and yet, none of them is quite appropriate for the upcoming Jewish High Holy days because they're all sleveless. I just feel like the occasion calls for a bit more modesty but the dreses are brand new and in all other ways they're perfect.

Happily a black shrug or bolero is all we need to fix the situation so 2 weeks ago we chose the pattern and I bought the yarn. And put it aside because - what's the rush?


Now I remember what the rush is. The High Holidays are early this year - just a week away as of today. Why is it that they always creep up on me like this?

So, no matter where I am during the long weekend ahead - the pool, the deck, the store, a softball game - I'll be working feverishly on Ysolda Teague's Briar Rose. I have very little expectation of finishing in time but hope springs eternal. Then maybe I can think about finishing some of the UFO's.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the summer creeps away from us at breakneck speed. I was going to finish my two shawls....

Carole Knits said...

I love the colors in the plain socks. You can finish up that bolero in no time!