Sep 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

Today it's all about food. We're talking about 10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now. I'm warning you, my fridge isn't very exotic.

1. Cheese - I love cheese. Goat cheese, swiss, cheddar, munster, mozzarella - it's all in there. My cheese drawer runneth over!
2. Iced tea - Gallons and gallons of it. I drink it all. the. time.
3. Broccoli - If my family has a "family veggie" this is it.
4. Yogurt - Mostly cherry and blueberry. I eat it with cottage cheese for lunch many times each week. Stinkette likes it too.
5. Green grapes - Only green. DQ eats them almost every day.
6. Sliced turkey breast - DQ and Bruce like it for lunch.
7. Leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from dinner last night
8. Sour Cream - always!
9. English Muffins - Gotta love those nooks and crannies.
10. Eggs - You can never have enough

Since I had no good food pictures ready I'm prettying this post up with a photo I took this weekend of the Indian Museum. The cafeteria here is one of the better ones at the museums in DC which is why it was packed when we went there for lunch on Saturday. Yum!


DQ and I were fortunate to get a table near one of the windows so we sat and ate a delicious lunch in the air conditioned room while we watched the water splashing on the rocks. Perfect!


pigbook1 said...

glad I'm not the only one with sour cream in my fridge at all times!

Carole Knits said...

I could have predicted a bunch of the things on your list. Must be because I've been your house guest a time or two!

Laurie said...

You could make real meals out of what is there. My fridge is usually too empty or too hoarders for that.