May 13, 2011

ECF - Hello Darkness Edition

There are plenty of things blooming in my yard this year in a manner best termed as underperforming but, happily my Hello Darkness bearded Irises are not among them.


There are about 2 dozen blooms in various stages in my yard right now and I love them but photographing them is another story. Not easy at all.

In order to get a real appreciation you need to see them with the light behind them but then you get something like this.


Highly unsatisfying!

Then, a few days ago, I remembered my polarizing lens. I'd had it for ages and never used it. Until now.


Finally I can do these beauties justice.


Manise said...

My mother is drooling in heaven over these as am I from here! I found her black hollyhocks and pansies one year.

Carole Knits said...

They are gorgeous and I love that you included all 3 photos so we could really appreciate the awesome one at the end.

Julie said...

Having grown up in Louisiana, I adore iris. I only have a few but I have to wait some weeks yet for them to emerge and then they shall not be as lovely as this gorgeous deep purple. Love it!