May 23, 2011

Forget that weekend and move on

The weekend is over and I feel so frustrated. To be sure, there were some highlights and most of them had to do with Stinkette's sporting events. I forgot to bring my camera to the softball game on Saturday and it's a shame because with the exception of one play my girl was on. There are days when, for whatever reason, she's less engaged but this wasn't one of them. She got a really good hit(a double)in the first at bat and followed it up with many good plays that used her strong arm to it's best.

I remembered to bring my camera to her last field hockey practice on Sunday. She didn't have as many outstanding moments then but she was having fun and learning a lot. Here's an action shot of my girl.


If only the rest of the weekend had been as good. Instead it was dominated by 3 things that are ticking me off about equally. The worst part is that none of them are resolved.

Friday night I finally got a special mailing from People Magazine. I tore it open excitedly... and cursed madly for the rest of the evening. A few weeks ago my copy of the Royal Wedding issue got lost in the mail so I sent a request for a replacement and heard nothing at all for the longest time. As a subscriber for n embarrassingly long time (predating kids and marriage) I was ticked. They finally sent me something and it's the wrong freakin' issue. The one issue i really looked forward to is still missing.

But it gets worse. On Saturday I got another item in the mail that was long delayed. It was the photo album from DQ's Bat Mitzvah over 2 years ago! And it's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Pictures still have glares spots. The style is wrong. Worst of all - the date printed in big letters on the cover is wrong.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, Sunday brought new aggravation in the form of roots in out sewer line. I'll leave out the details on that one but, suffice to say, it was not a good day at our house. They're supposed to come and finish fixing it today.

At least next weekend is a long one. It had better be wicked good to make up for this one.


sprite said...

As someone who has had to help combat a sewer backed up into a house, you have my sincerest sympathies on that count. It really (and, sadly, literally) stinks!

Carole Knits said...

I'm sorry everything converged and went wrong at once. That is pretty ridiculous on the photos from the Bat Mitzvah. I'm sure you paid a pretty penny for them and I hope they will make it right.

Manise said...

I'm so sorry your weekend was so fraught with disappointments and aggravation. I hope you return the photos and that they get it right. Hugs.